At 151 square feet, this might just be one of the tiniest tiny houses out there

Before Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses was one of the most successful tiny home builders in the United States, Greg Parham designed and built this model for himself in Durango, Colorado. Of course, it follows all of the tenants of the company's current ethos: value, durability, easy to tow, honesty, flexibility and health.
Crafted on a custom-made 16-foot trailer, Durango offers only 151 square feet of space, including 57 in the loft. Still, you'll find all the hallmarks of a cozy home including a bath, kitchen and high ceilings.
The exterior is crafted from three kinds of siding material: rusty corrugated wainscot, rough-sawn pine board, and batt and cedar lap siding in the gables. The entryway features a fold-up porch made from recycled wood.
Over the entryway, a storage loft offers space for stashing lesser-used items. Built-in shelving can hold books, backpacks and clothing. Greg incorporated a lot of recycled wood throughout to save on cost and the home's carbon footprint.
A large desk area looks out through expansive windows for light and space. More built-in shelving offers room for books and shoes. Wood was left unfinished for a natural cabin look.
A sizable kitchen features a wooden counter with cooktop and metal backsplash. Built-in shelving offers room to hold appliances, spices and paper towel rolls. Electric outlets are situated above the counter for running small appliances.
The sleeping loft spans about 50 square feet, with a gabled ceiling. Wood paneling gives the room a rustic look. Built-in storage allows space for clothes, and a faux hide rug is cozy underfoot when the mattress isn't rolled out.
A wet bath features an integrated shower and frosted glass door. Because the home has such a tiny profile, a small wood stove can heat the entire space.

Every room is taken to the next level with the design of the ceilings.
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