Come relax in this beautiful riverfront container home

"You don't have to go big to go home." That motto is endorsed by Taynr, a modular home builder that transforms recycled shipping containers into structures with new purpose. The River House, ideally situated by the water, gives the impression that its new purpose is relaxation and peace.
With a calming blue exterior, the River House is designed to maximize the view of the water. Fortified by a steel frame and sheltered by shady trees outside, this shipping container home is the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the view.
The living area is a comfortable spot to sit and admire the river through the sliding glass doors. Lean back against the soft cushions of the grey couch and rest against the pillows that are both colorful and shaggy. Reach behind the couch to retrieve a magazine from the metal basket on the wall. The modern coffee tables look as if they were inspired by Warren Platner himself. The area rug has long colorful lines that provide a handsome contrast with the vertical lines of the corrugated steel walls. A colorful bovine print is a whimsical addition to the decor.
Just steps away from the living area, the kitchen boasts a small peninsula where two orange chairs provide a place to sit and enjoy the outdoor scenery during a meal. The black countertop contrasts dramatically with the clean white cabinets with wide drawer pulls. The ceiling fan overhead carries a cool river breeze into the home.
Open shelves above the kitchen sink provide ample opportunity for storage. The straight edges of the rectangular shelves are a distinct contrast with the varied shapes of the glassware resting on top.
The open shelves are an opportunity to be decorative as well as practical. The pretty dishware is reminiscent of the blue water outside the home, and the beautiful color adds a stylish note to the room even when the dishes are stacked and not in use. Everyday staples such as cereal can be ornamental when stored in attractive clear jars. The green plant on the upper shelf is another way to bring nature into this lakeside home.
Take a glance down the length of the home and take in the soothing color palette and the comfortable bedroom that beckons at the end of the hallway.
The bathroom is a clean and white palette against which small pops of color make a bold impact. Blue and white towels are rolled neatly and stored overhead on a sturdy modern shelf. A decorative jar and pretty ginger candle add elegance to the space. The petite pedestal sink is just the right size for the room.
Rectangular tile in a warm gray tone covers the walls of the modern shower. A shiny handheld shower head means that rinsing off after a swim in the river is convenient and enjoyable.
Light and dark brown tile in a parquet design cover the floor of the shower, adding another expansive layer of style to the room.
The corrugated steel creates an interesting pattern on the bedroom wall. This area is covered with white-framed vintage advertisements of antique automobiles. The orange throw blanket draped across the bed draws out the colors in these advertisements. The room serves as a reminder that nostalgia for the past can blend beautifully with a modern home. It's similar to when a recycled steel container merges easily into a beautiful new River House.
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