Step inside this minimalist container home that is the pinnacle of comfort

TAYNR, a modular home builder, believes that “shipping containers are the hallmark of architectural innovation.” The tagline “You don’t have to go big to go home” greets you when you click on the tab in their website for container homes.
One of their clients, couple Jamie and Matt, had the same idea when they decided to explore the concept of living in a smaller home. They worked hand in hand with the company to transform a 40 feet shipping container into a livable space. In a Youtube video, Jamie shares that the reason they had the house made is that they wanted to know if they could downsize and sustain life in a small space.
The home utilizes several large glass doors. As a result, the house feels larger with easy access to the outside. The gray and dark blue color combination on the exterior adds warmth to the home. The corrugated steel shell of the house is almost indestructible.
The living room area features an understated sofa anchored by a simple patterned rug. The light blue-gray walls give a soothing effect to the space while the natural bamboo floor makes the home feel very cozy. The living room flows directly on to the kitchen.
White countertops, blue cabinets and stainless steel appliances fill this compact yet efficient kitchen. A matching white shelf has been added to hold assorted glasses and cups. Jamie’s favorite part of the space is the three-tone hexagonal backsplash.
The bedroom area features a double bed and uses muted colors on the walls. A large glass door just across from the bed allows the owners to step out into the sunshine when they wake up every morning. The bedroom has the same natural bamboo flooring that is in the living room.
The predominantly white shower uses the traditional tile pattern for one of its walls. The three-toned hexagonal design element that was in the kitchen was repeated on the bathroom floor, giving a sense of cohesiveness in the home.
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