You won't believe the woodwork in this renovated 1973 Airstream Land Yacht

Husband-wife-duo Paul and Kim Fuelling specialize in woodworking and oil painting. When they found a great deal on a 1973 Airstream Land Yacht, the North Carolina couple decided to put their skills to the test and renovate it to create a private guest home.
Of course, all of the woodworking in these photos is the couple's handiwork. The labor of love took three years, and the result is a cozy respite both visitors and the Fuellings themselves can enjoy.
First, they gutted and stripped the Airstream entirely. The Fuellings installed new wood skins and rich hardwood flooring for a warm and inviting shell.
The bathroom was the most challenging part of the design, the couple says. Paul built a wooden shower base, then fiberglassed the room to make it waterproof.
A wooden divider creates a private space for the toilet.
A custom tufted banquette doubles as a cozy seating area and comfortable sleeping space in the front of the Airstream. A large cubby and drawer offers additional storage underneath.
To the back of the room, an additional banquette matches the front seating area. It creates an extra sofa near the television that can be used as another sleeping space. The couple created the custom door leading to the bathroom, with paneling and diamond insets that show off their handiwork.
The kitchen area offers a large sink with high faucet and cabinet space. There is a toaster oven for cooking atop simple gray countertops.
Original windows preserve the Airstream's '70s design.
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