Crafting this whimsical tiny home, straight out of a fairytale, was surprisingly complex

The whimsical design aesthetic of this tiny home is reminiscent of a classic children's book, complete with a wavy roof and contrasting siding. There's one caveat: This sweet design isn't actually edible.
Colorado-based tiny home builders Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses crafted this model, the Pequod, to accommodate a family of four. One of the firm's larger designs, the model stretches 26 feet and features two loft bedrooms.
The wavy roof shape is actually quite functional, as it allowed the builders to raise the ceiling height in the home's dual lofts. Three-layer cladding includes board and batt, clear grain cedar shiplap and cedar shingles. Handmade French doors and an extruding garden window in the bathroom let lots of natural light inside.
The kitchen is finished with butcher block countertops custom made from hickory and walnut. A 20-inch range and full-size freezer/fridge unit offer ample cooking and storage space. The sink features a wooden inset cover so the space can be used for food prep when not in use. Large windows flood the kitchen with light.
Rocky Mountain crafted this custom-made pantry with pull-out shelves for canned food storage. The width is perfect for Mason jars, which the homeowners use to stash dry goods. Sleek silver hardware offers a minimal aesthetic. The wood was left unfinished to showcase its natural grain.
Stairs leading to the loft feature integrated storage for books and accessories. Underneath, more cubby space exists. Wood floors have a blonde finish to complement the sunny aesthetic. Elevated ceilings for the lofts keep the space open underneath.
Next to the closet, a combo LG washer/dryer makes laundry day a breeze. Built-in storage accommodates clothes and shoes. The natural wood siding continues throughout.
A large garden window in the bathroom brings light and greenery into the space. The bathroom also features a custom 36-by-32-inch shower and a Nature's Head composting toilet. A sleek silver faucet sits atop a pedestal sink. White subway tile lines the remainder of the space for a bright look.
The living space features custom seating and dining space. The ceiling is custom made from clear vertical grain Douglas Fir. A built-in seating area nestles next to the dining table. Two cubes under the dining table offer storage and seating.
In the master loft, the wood ceiling was kerfed, warped and twisted to accommodate the three-dimensional roof shape. The space is wide enough for a queen bed. Twin semicircular windows let in light and a traditional window behind the bed lets in the breeze.
A glass catwalk leading to the children's loft is crafted from welded steel and plexi glass flooring. The loft features windows on three sides. Storage drawers stash children's clothes.

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