1969 Shasta trailer gets a new life as a mobile bar

Paul and Kim Fuelling are the dual forces behind Mabel Studios, which is located, fittingly, in Mabel, North Carolina, deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains and just outside of Boone. Both halves of this power couple graduated from the John Herron School of Art, and they spend their days working with wood to create unforgettable pieces of furniture and fine art. The majority of their projects are commissions, and they are best known for the custom-made tables and doors they make for clients around their area and the nation. Their finished works are breathtaking, and it is no wonder they have built an impressive reputation for themselves and their studio.
Recently, Paul and Kim took on a different kind of project when the folks behind Camp Cocktail approached them to renovate this 1969 Shasta trailer. This special client wanted to turn this tiny camper into a mobile bar to cater a variety of events. Paul and Kim tackled this remodel with gusto, and the finished product is quite impressive.
This 50-year-old trailer is small, but it has so much heart. Although it is only 13 feet long, 6-1/2 feet wide and 7-1/2 feet tall, these miniature dimensions actually work in its favor. Once Paul and Kim removed the interior furniture, the space inside opened right up. Because of its small profile, it can easily be towed and parked pretty much anywhere.
One of the first changes Paul and Kim took on was to install two giant windows for serving. These are both beautiful and functionalm providing an opening on one sie and in the rear. Both can be propped open easily to show the bar is open for business. The bars and window frames showcase reclaimed heart pine wood.
These custom wings on both sides of the camper add a little style while still capturing the vintage feel of the Shasta trailer. It's remarkable what such a small detail like this can do to improve a vehicle. When Paul and Kim received this trailer, it also needed a few coats of paint. Applying them really helped to make this five-decade-old trailer look brand new.
The interior is spacious enough for several bartenders to stand and work together and simultaneously. Like the window frames, the bar and other wood accents inside are also made of reclaimed heart pine, which offers a timeless look for the space. Paul and Kim also installed sinks and a beer tap to meet their clients' specific needs.
The floor really needed and update too, and what Paul and Kim did here really adds a bright accent to the interior. Cabinets were also installed to provide some storage space while traveling from place to place and during events.
Because it is not possible to get a liquor license without owning a brick and mortar establishment, Camp Cocktail does not have one. Instead, party organizers provide their own alcoholic beverages, and Camp Cocktail staff mixes and serves the drinks. This is a very unique bar setup for weddings and other events, and the guests will surely be impressed by it.
Camp Cocktail provides seasonal drink menus for every season, as well as a morning menu that includes mimosas and Bloody Marys, and a coffee and hot cocktails menu for colder days. They are also happy to customize for their clients, and create specific, one-of-a-kind drinks for the events they cater.
In addition to offering creative and attentive bartenders, Camp Cocktail also provides custom printed menus, glassware, bar tools, and cocktail napkins. The trailer arrives ready to go, and is equipped with a vintage record player and a wide variety of vinyl records to play for the crowd.
This little Shasta is so versatile and can be set up in almost any location, which makes it popular with a wide variety of clients. Camp Cocktail is proud to report that they even bartended for a party thrown by actor Bill Murray.
Camp Cocktail is a great addition to any outdoor party, and it is taking North Carolina and the world by storm. They couldn't do what they do, though, without the creativity, innovation, and hard work offered by Paul and Kim Fuelling of Mabel Studios. This trailer is stunning and is so special and unique. Camp Cocktail exists in its current form thanks to great work by Mabel Studios.

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