This industrial shed tiny house features a surprising amount of storage space

When a client wanted an industrial take on an iconic shed design, Bantam Built Homes was up for the task. The team created this model nicknamed "the silver bullet" for its metal-clad exterior.
Bob, the self-proclaimed tiny home builder, used the company's patented steel stud structurally insulated panel system and riveted metal siding directly to the steel studs for an exposed, industrial aesthetic.
The customer has a lot of gear and wanted to preserve the design's front storage area. Bob incorporated a skin out of metal siding so the door blends seamlessly into the exterior. Meanwhile, the entryway is framed in cedar for an attractive contrast.
Inside, large picture windows frame the home to create an open, airy aesthetic. A built-in TV area creates a cozy entertainment nook near the entry. Throughout, dark espresso flooring offers contrast to white walls and unfinished wood built-ins.
In the bathroom, the vanity is set back flush to the wall, creating the illusion of a larger space — which is actually only 3 feet deep. The bathroom also features a flush toilet and 3-by-3-foot shower.
Upstairs, the loft offers plenty of head room, and walls of windows create a spacious feel. The floor can accommodate a large bed for a cozy, private sleeping space.
Stairs feature metal strips on the treads for added longevity as well as an industrial touch. Added storage under the stairs includes cubbies and drawers for the homeowner's travel gear.
An island prep space includes six drawers for kitchen necessities. Exposed plywood has a handcrafted waterfall aesthetic.
The kitchen features a four-burner stove, large industrial sink with pull-down faucet, a large refrigerator and a combined washer/dryer. Throughout, tons of cabinet storage exists and drawers boast minimal hardware.
The client wanted to preserve the open-beam look, but Bob didn't want ugly lights and wires on display. To achieve both, the team installed strip lights within the beams to illuminate the area without unsightly puck lights.
Next to the entertainment bank, a padded bench offers additional seating and, of course, more storage.

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