Take a peek inside this modern and sustainable container home

Modern, sustainable and modular are the three principles that define what the company Honomobo does, and this is very evident in its Cadder HO3 home. This laneway home was constructed in 2016 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Using a screw pile foundation, the modular home was built in a backyard. Extra care was taken to preserve a beautiful mature tree that not only adds to the home's character but also provides privacy to its residents.
The standard time frame for having a Honomobo home built can range from six to 12 months. This includes the feasibility assessment, design and engineering, reservation deposit, permit submission, construction deposit, production, factory construction and installation. They are certified factory-built homes made to meet local building code requirements.
The Honomobo HO3 is constructed from three shipping containers knit together. It measures 534 square feet, with a 24-by-24 footprint. Certified 2-pound polyurethane closed cell foam provides insultation. The charcoal-colored exterior brings an elegant look to this home. Ample space right in front allows you can set up a small table and a couple of tall wicker chairs so you can sit can enjoy the view.
The 21-foot wide front window ensures that a lot of natural sunlight enters the home, as well as giving it an indoor/outdoor connection. The open floor plan makes the home feel very spacious. One can move from the living room to the kitchen area with ease. The vinyl plank flooring offers added durability and style.
Spend evenings relaxing on a sofa while watching your favorite shows on the space-saving flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. Or you might prefer to listen to some music while sitting in a lounge chair. An area rug helps absorb sound and sets off a conversation space.
A metallic gray full-sized refrigerator occupies one side of this kitchen. You can store plates, glasses and cutlery in the cabinets painted in high gloss white. Gather family and friends in the kitchen to help prepare meals. After all that hard work, linger and have a drink or two at the sleek island counter with its smoke gray-finished top.
This minimally designed bedroom has the one essential piece of furniture that you would need to be able to sleep well at night ‒ a comfortable bed big enough for two people. The off-white walls add to the sense of calm and serenity to the space.
Whether you just had a hard day at work or simply want to enjoy a bit of luxury, you can have a nice long soak in the bathtub in this predominantly white bathroom. The countertop of the vanity has enough space for a soap dispenser as well as an extra cup to hold toothbrushes. On the other side of the room is a mechanical area, which provides easy access to equipment while keeping it out of main living areas.
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