RV remodel that looks like a high end home

Maria and her family moved into a fifth wheel RV trailer last year. Since then, they have done a remarkable job of making it their own and a reflection of their family's collective personality. In the process, it's also been transformed into a beautiful home that would appeal to almost anyone.
Although their home is a camper trailer, Maria, her husband, and their two boys are fortunate to live in a space that seems far larger than it actually is. Thanks to Maria's eye for design, her understanding of color and her creative ingenuity, this house on wheels is a stunning space that will likely be all this family needs for many years.
This fifth wheel is a 2013 Open Range 427BHS. It's 40 feet 9 inches long and has five slideouts – one in the master bedroom, two in the boys' bedroom, and two in the combined kitchen and living area. The space also includes two bathrooms.
Although Maria's interior design does not yet show what she has done in the bathrooms or master bedroom, her additions and innovations in the living area, kitchen and bunk room are impressive. The improvements are enough to entice anyone to live in a camper, even those who had never considered it before.
Right away, it's hard to believe this is a trailer and not an apartment. From this angle, it could easily be any kitchen in any home. Maria was very excited to find these barstools for the island. Originally, she was looking for antique bentwood stools, but she had a hard time finding four that matched so she bought this new set instead.
Above the stove, Maria wanted an "old charm feel," so she chose this brick paneling. Once she and her husband plastered it to add texture and painted it, she really succeeded in reaching her goal. This paneling truly looks like real brick. Maria painted it with polyacrylic paint rather than with paint that was polyurethane based because the former will not yellow. It also will make the walls easy to wipe down when there are inevitable spills and grease splashes from cooking.
They finished off this corner by adding a few storage shelves. As anyone who lives or travels in a camper knows, storage space is essential. These two small shelves allow Maria to keep some staples right at hand, and they look lovely as well.
Another storage solution Maria and her husband devised was these stretchy, see-through bags on hooks. They had to cut the rack in half so they could fit it in the space, but once they did, this became an easy and very visible way to store produce and other things.
The potted plants in the living room area, across from the kitchen, also really give this space a homey feel. Maria and her husband bought the leather couch when they first got married, and now that it is all worn in and comfortable, it seemed logical to bring it into the camper and to make it the centerpiece of the living area.
Maria was excited to find a rug that fits perfectly in this area. The wood floors are fine, but it's nice to have space where the boys can comfortably read, relax and play with cars.
Perhaps the most impressive feature of this trailer's interior are the 13-foot beams running along the ceiling of both slideouts in the main living area. This is unique and uncommon in a camper. To offset the weight added by these beams, the couple removed some of the storage cabinets.
Maria's sons' room is at the rear of the camper and came with two slideouts containing two bunks each. On one side, Maria kept the bunks for the boys' beds. These are cozy private sleeping spaces for them, and they will continue to work out well as they both grow.
On the other side, Maria removed the bottom bunk to add an eight-cube shelf to store her sons' toys and books. She left the top bunk, though, so if their cousin comes to visit, he will also have a place to sleep. The fold-down desk is a useful space for her older son to write, draw and work on his homeschool lessons.
This shelf is just right for children. Everything is accessible and reachable. Maria is careful to declutter frequently and to remove toys the boys no longer use. Of course, the boys must clean up after themselves when they finish playing to keep the space clean and organized.
Against the rear wall of the camper, between the two slideouts, is the boys' dresser. This is plenty of space to store the clothing of two young people. Maria was excited to add the blinds, which were her most recent addition to the area. It took her a while to find what she wanted, but these bamboo blinds are just perfect.
Maria really has done a wonderful job of renovating this space and making it a home. This year, she and her family celebrated their first Christmas in the RV, and she did a lovely job of decorating it for the holiday. It is truly incredible that a trailer can be made this special and luxurious with just a little creativity, some talent and some effort. Maria's remodel is certainly an inspiration to all.

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