Nashville couple creates beautiful fifth wheel home

Kirsten and Devin purchased and moved into a 2007 Keystone Montana fifth wheel trailer in late 2017. When they first bought this trailer, it was in good shape, but from an interior design perspective, it was outdated and boring. The couple quickly renovated, remodeled and redesigned, and today they are fortunate to live in an impressive space that is both contemporary and stylish.
This fifth wheel trailer is fully functional and can be hitched up and moved to a new location, but Kirsten and Devin keep it parked full time in Nashville, Tennessee. Devin is a touring musician, so the couple moved to the Music City for his career. They are so happy they made that decision, and they are thrilled they made the leap to small living inside this luxurious, spacious and stunning trailer. Their renovations are impressive, and it's no wonder they are happy together in this beautiful space.
A good place to start any camper tour is in the kitchen as a kitchen can truly make or break the overall tiny home experience. The couple have created a practical and well-designed kitchen that includes a broad countertop and easily accessible appliances. The white cabinets really brighten up the area and offer a lot of storage.
Initially, the couple planned to use real tile for the backsplash, but in the end they went with simple peel and stick subway tile instead. It looks fantastic, and it's hard to believe it isn't actual tile.
One accent they brought from their past home is this faux deer bust. They love that it ties together their old home and their new one, and that it keeps an eye on their dogs while they are out doing other things.
Their kitchen looks quite large when the slide-out opposite it is extended. The black and white color scheme works well here and throughout the trailer.
This slide-out originally contained a dinette with four individual chairs, brown cabinets and a very old and heavy couch. Kirsten and Devin's upgrades to this area are a breath of fresh air. Painting the cabinets to match the rest of the space really freshened up the area, as did replacing the old couch with this new one.
The smaller table and stools add a useful seating area without taking up much space visually. This metal table retails for $300, but Kirsten bought it used for just $60. It looks very modern and fits in just right.
It's the perfect spot for a romantic breakfast or any meal the couple share. When pulled away from the wall, there is room for two more people, which is helpful when the couple have guests.
One of the most striking aspects of this camper remodel that really helps to make it more of a home is the unique flooring. When the couple purchased this camper, the floor featured beige carpeting and some rather unattractive linoleum flooring in the kitchen. This floating, vinyl, snap-together flooring looks special and is an integral part of the overall beauty in this large living area.
The television and small fireplace lives in this side slide-out and the cabinets provide a little extra storage. The gray planks that border the slide-out offer some extra class and definition to the space.
This second couch offers more comfortable seating and provides plenty of room for entertaining when the mood strikes. Their dogs – Daisy, Bonnie and Phoebe – who happen to be sisters - enjoy relaxing here as well.
The highlight of the living room, though, is this minibar, which is something not often found in a fifth wheel trailer. Kirsten and Devin made this look classy while still keeping its functionality. Surely their guests will be impressed when the couple serves drinks during a visit.
The couple's bathroom renovation is especially pleasant. It is sometimes difficult to create a sanctuary in a camper's commode, but they certainly succeeded. This renovation looks just as lovely as any bathroom in a high-end, brick and mortar home but on a smaller scale.
Kirsten and Devin's bed is also in a slide-out, but because they are parked most of the time, they leave the slide-outs extended to have more room. Their bed is comfortable, welcoming and features no fewer than 14 pillows. The continuation of the color scheme is a stylish touch.
The bedroom is small, but the overall use of white really helps to brighten up and visually enlarge the space. The white paint on the walls really helps to accomplish this and makes the room feel cheery.
One of the couple's favorite renovations in this room was the conversion of the closet next to the bed into an inviting little nook. Kirsten explains that when there were closet doors here, it made the tiny room seem even smaller, and it was difficult to get in and out of the bed. Now, it's an area for reading and relaxing instead.
What this couple has done with this 36-foot space is nothing short of incredible. It is truly gorgeous and it is a remodel that will surely inspire anyone interested in renovating a camper into a home.

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