From camper to glamper in 7 days

Not too long ago, Lisa found a new hobby that she loves – renovating old popup campers. Her very first project was this 1978 Jayco camper that she found on Craigslist for $500 from a woman selling the belongings of her recently deceased brother, Alvin. Lisa immediately fell in love with the camper, offered $400, and bought it. She named it Alvin after its previous owner.
Lisa was so excited about this camper and remodeling it that she dove right in and completed the entire project in just seven days. She was able to give Alvin a whole new life and add a great deal of beauty to this outdated camper for a $590 total investment, including the money she spent to buy it, the title tranfser and just $113 on the renovation.
On day one, the day she brought Alvin home, she cleaned the camper. It wasn't very dirty but it was old, and it certainly benefitted from a thorough scrubbing. Although Lisa had planned to make new covers for the seat cushions, she found that after she washed the old ones they were as good as new.
On the second day, she primed the cabinets, paneling and countertops using Behr primer that she already had. The third day included painting the areas she had primed with Benjamin Moore paint in Wythe Blue that she already had. The color really brightens up the space.
On the fourth day, Lisa bought fabric for the curtains and lined the drawers with pretty shelf paper. The next day it rained so she visited a home improvement store and found the perfect peel and stick flooring. The box of flooring only cost her $50, and after she installed it on the sixth day, she realized she had enough left over for at least two more trailer projects.
On the last day of Lisa's remodel of Alvin, she sewed the curtains and hung them up. The fabric cost just $38, and the hooks and rods were just $25 more. She added some pillows, sheets and other accessories she had around her house to finish things off in a beautiful way.
Lisa decided to keep the old hardware for the drawers and cabinets because of their unique style. She removed the hardware and polished it make it look better, but after painting she put it back on. It certainly adds character to the space.
It is incredible how different this trailer looks after just seven days of hard work and creativity. Lisa was very proud of the finished project when this camper remodel was complete and with good reason. She created an attractive and pleasant haven for Alvin's new owners that they will likely enjoy for years to come.
This 1978 Jayco camper now has a new life. It is wonderful that this camper could be revitalized in this way and a whole new generation of campers can enjoy it. Fair winds, Alvin, and congratulations to Lisa on her stunning renovation.

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