This Czech Republic company builds houseboats made of dreams

No1 Living is a modern company leveraging its founders' extensive experience in the recreational marine, architecture and construction industries. Since 2012, No1 Living has been creating houseboats to fulfill the dreams of those who want to live life unanchored.
With 40- and 47-foot models, customers can make a selection that best suits their lifestyle. The biggest difference between the two is that the 47-foot model boasts enough room to add an extra rear bedroom and corridor. Both versions boast impressive upper terrace designs that feature panoramic views.
The main living space looks out onto a covered front terrace with a safety railing, perfect for enjoying the vistas and a cup of coffee in any kind of weather.
The living area features an open floor plan that can be laid out in a myriad of ways to maximize square footage. This design offers a full sofa and eat-in dining space.
The kitchen incorporates hidden appliances for a clean look. A small drop-in sink sits next to a stove top for reheating dishes or cooking while aboard.
A recessed area for the bed maximizes floor space in the cozy bedroom. Full glass doors keep the space extremely light and open, as do its high ceilings. ​
The larger model includes a long corridor with room for a second sleeping space off of the back of the boat. The wall offers a plethora of storage for clothes and housewares.
The bathroom is complete with a large basin sink and shower. An all-white color palette makes the small square footage feel open, especially with a full glass door in the shower to let in the light.

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