Everest is a tiny home that lives up to its mighty name

If you'd like to have a glimpse into a home built by one of the leaders in tiny home builders, watch this video by Bantam Built Homes. The company's motto is to build a tiny home "with the integrity of a custom house while incorporating the function of a RV travel trailer." As you see the craftsmanship that went into this build, it's easy to understand why the homes are so popular.
This 20-foot single-story home is an Everest model. Bob Clarizio, founder and CEO of Bantam Built Homes, leads the tour.
The striking contrast of the blue and white exterior walls make an attractive combination, but don't let this fool you: The home is built to withstand the elements. The white portion is steel siding and the blue cedar is stained, not painted. Together they make this home formidable against the weather.​
Once you step inside, you'll see the kitchen on the left. Handsome shelves can display dishes or cookbooks. The wood-plank ceiling is a charming feature present throughout the home.​
A butcher block countertop surrounds the deep kitchen sink with dark fixtures. The beautiful trim continues throughout the room and ties it all together. The banquette seating in the corner is an inviting spot to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy the view through the kitchen window.
This area is comfortable in so many ways. After the homeowner and guests have finished dinner on the butcher block table, the seat can be converted into an additional bed. ​
The mini refrigerator matches the attractive white cabinetry under the sink.
An induction burner is just the right size for this space.
As Clarizio continues the tour with the bathroom, note the tall cabinet behind him. It has large shelves for storage and a rod to hang clothes. Just beyond the cabinet is the door to the bedroom.​
The bathroom has a contemporary vanity, and the home's holding tanks accommodate the RV low-flush toilet.
The large 3-foot shower has the same dark fixtures and wood-plank ceiling as the rest of the home.​
Back in the hallway, it's time to open the door to the bedroom.​
Inside, there is room for a full-sized bed.
There is also plenty of headroom beneath the wood-paneled ceiling.
Next to the bed is the electrical panel. Below it sits a 9-gallon water heater as well as plenty of room for storage.
This Everest home may be tiny, but the quality of its workmanship makes it live up to its mighty name.
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