This couple is trekking to Alaska without ever leaving home

When this couple decided to take a trip across Canada and end up in Alaska, they knew they wanted to travel in comfort and style (not to mention warmth). They decided to convert a 40-ft long 2002 International schoolbus into their new home and design it in a way that suited them.
They created their new home with several priorities in mind: a big, open kitchen where Adam could cook, a large living area where they could entertain friends, and a small toilet/shower area to leave space for their big bed. They knew their unique travel plans would require a one-of-a-kind vehicle.
When all of the seats are removed, it's amazing to see how much room there is to work with on the schoolbus.
Their hard work completely transformed the space. The beautiful contrast between the honey color of the wood and the clean white panels of the cupboards makes this room feel very inviting. The pale cushions are the ideal backdrop for the colorful patterns on the pillows. Greenery is everywhere, bringing life to the small space.
The interior door of the bus is created from 160-year-old salvaged wood from Emily's grandfather's barn. Emily, an artist, "torches" the wood to give it a depth of color, and she completes the design by adding a custom pattern.
Emily's stunning torched door is a handsome focal point for the room. The herringbone design on the kitchen walls adds another charming detail to the space. The waterproof vinyl plank flooring is a practical way to protect against leaks, and the golden color provides a beautiful backdrop for all the decorative elements.
Here's a closer look at the live edge pine countertop. The natural shape and warm tone make the surface decorative as well as practical. These delightful pillowcases are treasures from a thrift store Emily and Adam discovered on one of their adventures.
Time stands still on a beautiful mountain peak like this one in British Colombia.
A trek across Canada will include some cold evenings, but the vision of this cozy kitchen will warm up any traveler. Adam's custom-made butcher block countertop provides plenty of room to chop vegetables for a heartwarming stew.
Is there anything more luxurious than hiking all day in the mountains and then returning to take a hot shower under a pressed tin ceiling? This stylish detail carries a lot of charming nostalgia in a small space.
After a warm dinner and a hot shower, it's impossible to stay awake. This queen-sized bed beckons, and there's no point in trying to resist. ​
The point of every adventure is to enjoy the journey along the way. This is exactly what Adam and Emily are doing as they admire the scenery from the rooftop deck of their converted schoolbus. They're proving it's possible to travel the world and explore new landscapes without ever leaving home.

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