How one couple renovated a 65-foot canal boat into a sustainable home

When a couple from the UK wanted to buy a houseboat, there were a lot of sleek and perfectly painted options to choose from, but something called them to Slow n Easy, a 65-foot canal boat painted in emerald green, rusty doors and all. But with functioning mechanics and charm to spare, the project quickly became a labor of love, documented on their Instagram, @slow_n_easy_life.
The first step was to mostly gut the entire cabin, ripping up carpet and removing wall paneling. After painting the walls in several coats of glossy white and installing oak flooring, the narrow boat quickly transformed into a cozy home. Living aboard with solar panels to provide free power, the couple indeed enjoys a new slow ‘n’ easy lifestyle.
Although the layout of the canal boat is narrow, the living room offers space for a full sofa (often dominated by their dogs) and wood-burning stove. Graphic Mexican terra cotta tiles behind the hearth add a pop of color and pattern.
A DIY geometric statement wall livens up the kitchen, complemented by sage green drawers and cabinets. Butcher block countertops, a full stove, and farmhouse sink make cooking a breeze. The edge of the countertop extends to create a small bar area for eating, accompanied by two stools.
Stowed as a single bed during the day, the bed pulls out and stretches across the width of the boat to comfortably sleep two. A geometric wall complementing the kitchen infuses the sleeping area with design interest.
The tiniest room in the house, the bathroom has just enough room for a vessel sink and toilet. A feature wall behind the toilet is crafted from rectangular slate tiles.

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