Tiny living and versatile living go hand in hand with this concrete building

In an ever-growing world, builders are finding creative ways to fabricate multifunctional spaces that wisely use every nook and cranny. KODA creates tiny homes that are made to the individual owner's specifications.
Each tiny home takes 26 square meters and comes move-in ready. For installation, simply connect water, sewer and electricity, and the home is ready for occupancy. Installation should only take one day. Because KODA units are made to order, they are versatile and do not have to be used solely as living quarters.
Put in a small kitchenette and sitting space, and they make the perfect hotel room or Airbnb.
Replace the kitchen and sitting room with desks and computer stations, and the space becomes an office.
Stack several of them side-by-side, and each building becomes a classroom: A school is born.
Their high ceilings, light walls and large windows create an open feeling, making KODA buildings the perfect tiny homes.
No matter what the dream, KODA buildings seem to fit the bill. A bit of flat space; electric, water and sewer hookups; and some imagination is all someone needs.
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