A family of five settles into their big bus on the farm

The Carlson Clan set out to simplify their lives. As a family of five with a collection of animals, what does simple living look like? For them, it was the decision to move into a tiny home. This home just happened to be in a converted school bus.
Joining the "skoolie"movement has taken them on an adventure of a lifetime. Purchasing the bus in Texas, renovating it and driving it up to the Pacific Northwest wasn't easy. But the life they live in their bus on their farm is worth all the trouble. As they said on their family's page, "Home is where you park it."
There was a lot of work to be done to make the school bus comfortable for the family, but the renovation experience was part of the adventure.
What could be more fun than playing hide and seek in your own schoolbus? There are plenty of secret spots where you can hide, and at least one member of the family takes advantage of that.
The bus has a lot of room to work with – especially with a tall ceiling.
The best solution for three kids to sleep comfortably? Bunk beds, of course. For mom and dad, the platform in the back will support a king-size bed (and there's room for a kids' reading nook underneath). And that tub? We'll see where that goes in just a minute.
Building a wall separates the living space from the sleeping quarters, and it breaks up the feeling of being in one long room. The alternating stripes on the wall provide an architectural element to the room.
As the structure starts to come together, fairy lights are a beautiful way to make the tiny home feel warm and inviting. Other elements in the room make it extra cozy, such as the wood stove next to the sink as well as the colorful hanging chair. (Of course, having a dog in a room instantly makes it more cozy.)
It's a trial run of the new bunk beds, and they're a hit. Maybe it's more fun for all the kids to sleep in the same one.
The bathtub is in place and has a whimsical farmhouse feeling. The hot water heater is also installed, and it holds a promise of a hot bath for cold mornings on the farm. Note the shower nozzle in the corner to make the children's bath times even easier.
Renovating a tiny home can be a really big project, and it's gratifying to see the different pieces come together. The sitting area is furnished with a comfortable couch and lots of throw pillows. The rugs have a soft texture and vibrant pattern, and they instantly make the space feel more homey. A number of different surfaces offer space for dining, working or to display family photographs. Of course, the fairy lights add the final magical touch. ​
Here's what makes it all worthwhile: The family's decision to simplify life means there's more time for what's important. Maybe it's cooking together, playing with the animals (or even rearranging those fantastic magnetic tiles on the ceiling). The Carlsons know that a life filled with family, animals and shared experiences becomes a life of unforgettable memories.

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