Tour this 40-foot bus where a couple and two cats live

Like most young couples, Jared and Jordan were tired of paying rent, but . they were not quite ready for a mortgage just yet. One night, they were watching the movie “Captain Fantastic.” The movie about a family who lived a nonconventional life inspired them and soon, they were talking about converting a school bus and making it their home.
The following day they bought a 40-foot 2000 International Harvester Bus they saw on Craigslist in Dallas and started working on it immediately. They have always been interested in tiny living but their end goal was to travel. Buying a bus and converting it to an RV was the perfect solution.
Jared works as a freight broker and Jordan is a technical writer. Because they both work remotely, this allows them to travel whenever they want. They describe the style of their home as a mixture of bohemian, vintage and rustic.
Insulation is an essential process in the beginning stages of converting a bus. The couple used RMax Thermasheath, which also helps soundproof their new home.
Jared and Jordan each wanted a different color for the bus, but in the end, they reached a compromise. They ended up choosing “Kind Green” from Sherwin-Williams.
They are both fans of Harry Potter, so Jordan tried very hard to convince Jared to give their bus a name that was related to the book. But when Jared suggested the name Alice, Jordan immediately thought it was perfect. "Alice in Wonderland" also happens to be one of their favorite adventure stories.
A bright pop of color at the entrance adds an extra bit of warmth to any home.
By using a mixture of plain and patterned fabrics for the sofas, a lot of assorted throw pillows and a decorative rug to serve as divider, the couple’s entertainment area comes alive with a charm and character of its own.
It might be small, but the kitchen has everything the couple needs to prepare meals. They got the Cusimax stove top from Amazon while the Oster convection oven was from Walmart. The refrigerator is Magic Chef.
They freed up counter space by using a mesh basket for stowing fruits and vegetables. Having assorted pots of herbs by the window sill is both practical and decorative.
This spot in the house is proof that small doesn’t automatically mean limited functionality. The couple does a lot of activities at this dinette and has grown to love it.
When it came to the bathroom, the couple decided to put in tile to update the floor.
The couple decided to use a whiskey barrel in the shower area, giving it a very rustic feel while saving on space.
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We are always getting questions about how it is having cats in our bus 😺😺 so here we are, answering some FAQs! β–ͺ️How do we deal with the litter box smell? //// Simple!! We clean the litter box regularly! We also swear by the brand @freshstep with the Hawaiian aloha breeze 😻 that really helps with two cats! β–ͺ️What do we do when we leave the bus? //// we just leave them in it! If we are plugged in or have enough solar, we leave a fan on for them. If its a pretty day, we will open the roof hatches and some windows. We cant open the windows too much though, because we have escapees 😹 Olivia has jumped through windows a dozen times and has been lost. Then the other day Jared found Eve dangling on the side of the window like she was scaling the bus πŸ˜‚ I swear they love us. β–ͺ️Do the cats get cabin fever? //// We try not to keep them cooped up in the bus! We usually let them roam around outside, especially during the evening when we are hanging outside too. They love being outdoors! β–ͺ️ Whats the hardest part of having an animal in a bus? //// definitely leaving them. It might be easier if you have a dog bc the dog can go with you to hike or explore and even some restaurants allow dogs. It breaks our hearts to leave them on occasions, but that is why we got Evelyn so Olivia could have a friend 😻 they play all day long, or they are lounging together like this pic. In the mornings they will chase each other up and down the bus. Jared calls it the great horse race πŸ˜‚ Overall, having cats isnt much different in a bus than in a home. You just have to account for being in a small space. Would you like to be in a bus 24/7? Probably not, so neither do they. Is there anything else you want to know about owning cats in a THOW? Well answer more in the comments!! #catsofinsta #skooliecat #alicethewonderbus

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The couple originally just had Olivia as their pet but they eventually got Evelyn so Olivia would have someone to play with when they are not in the bus.
Living on the road means meeting other people who share the same lifestyle as you. Jared and Jordan have enjoyed sharing stories with other people just like them.

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