8 brilliant products that will change the way food is stored in an RV

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RV travel is all about convenience and comfort, and let’s be honest, saving some money along the way too. One of the best ways to save money while on an RV vacation is to bring your own food or grocery shop along the way rather than eat at the nearest restaurant. Also, although convenient, camp stores are usually way overpriced.
In a perfect world, RV travelers store food from their grocery store back home, where they know the deals and know what to buy. The conundrum with RV travel, however, is always storage space, and food will often take a back seat to clothes and camping gadgets. To help with that problem, check out this compilation of products that will help store food, save money and give you one less thing to worry about on your RV vacation.
1. Portable oil and spice containers
As many know, buying in bulk is usually cheaper, but nobody wants to bring along a humongous bottle of olive oil or large canister of salt for a trip lasting a week. These three portable, reusable liquid bottles can be used for things such as oils, vinegars or soy sauces. The four round canisters store spices bought in large quantities, such as salt and pepper or homemade spice mixes. They also come with a convenient carrying bag, with room for small things such as forks, spoons or chopsticks. A reviewer said, “These are great for camping or travel. We bought them for a friend that is on the road for the next year. These are compact and leak proof.” Purchase these containers here.
2. Fridge and cupboard bars
When on the road, one of the main concerns for food storage is making sure everything is secure, and won’t fall over and spill. These handy spring-loaded bars allow you to pack food into your fridge and cupboards and secure the items. “Bought these for our RV refrigerator and freezer. Works great to keep things in place while traveling! Buying more for our RV outdoor kitchen refrigerator,” a reviewer wrote. Purchase these bars here.
3. Reusable silicone freezer bags
If you’ve committed to making your own food during your RV travel, one of the next steps is to make sure leftovers don’t go to waste. These silicone eco-friendly food storage bags can be used to pack leftovers in the fridge or cooler. They’re dishwasher and even microwave safe. They can store bulk stored food and then be washed and reused on the go. “These bags are really great quality, seal easily, worked great in the freezer and held our spaghetti sauce well with no leaking in the camp cooler, “ said one reviewer. Purchase them here.
4. Stackable can rack organizer
Canned goods are staples of RV travel but can be difficult to find space for with their varying sizes. This rack allows you to line up cans in rows for easy access and storage. Plus, the racks themselves are stackable. You can fit in cupboards or find an additional spot outside the kitchen to add to overall food storage. “These can racks greatly expanded my storage space,” wrote one reviewer. Purchase the can racks here.
5. Hanging fruit basket
This classic three-tier hanging fruit basket has been around for a long time in kitchens across the world, but it also can be very useful in an RV. Not only does it provide another spot to hold fruit and vegetables to save room on the counter, but it also can add a splash of color. Because it swings and sways with the curves and bumps on the road, you could probably keep it up while driving, as long as the baskets aren’t too full. Here’s some insight from a reviewer: “The weight, shape, and color are nicer than most others I've seen. The adjustable clips allow you to move the baskets up or down.” Purchase the basket here.
6. Clear airtight food storage canisters
Buy bulk pastas, beans, rice or even candy, and then pack and store the appropriate amount in these airtight containers. They’ll keep the food from getting stale, and they look nice in the cupboards or on the counter. The varying sizes will fit the amount you need to pack. They’re also easy to pour out and easy to clean. One reviewer commented, “Really good quality with a good fasten system. Love that there are the 3 different sizes, makes them easy to store without taking up too much space.” Purchase the canisters here.
7. Spice gripper clips
If you want to designate some spices for your RV, a good way to store themwithout taking up much space is to use these simple gripper clips. They easily attach to a cupboard door. They save space and make it simple to find the right spice. The product works with plastic spice containers. “We love the organization that these clips brought to our spice cupboard! Easy to install,” said one reviewer. Purchase spice gripper clips here.
8. The Healthy RVers Cookbook
Another key to food storage in an RV is to plan ahead. Think about specific meals you’ll make and try not to pack much more than you’ll need for those meals. A good way to get an idea of what to make is to reference a cookbook with RV travel in mind. This book works well because it provides tips on meal planning and prep on the go, while also giving healthy recipes. It’s available on Kindle, which is another space saver. Here’s what one reviewer had to say: “This cookbook is a really great resource for either the RV or the home kitchen. I really like the many make-ahead recipes that do not include preservatives which are normally found in the supermarket spices.” Purchase the cookbook here.

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