7+ necessary products to upgrade an RV bathroom

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An RV bathroom is only about 16 square feet in size, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made into a tiny palace for you and your travel companions. Thanks to its limited space, it’s important that you choose high-quality and compact, space-saving features to make it the best it can be. There are products made specifically for RVs that can help make your bathroom special, and there are items made for home bathrooms that can improve it as well.
If you want a bathroom that makes you feel right at home in your home away from home, look no further. These products will surely help you feel like royalty while relaxing in your tiny powder room on wheels.
1. Quality showerhead
Nothing improves a shower experience better than a high-quality showerhead. This RV showerhead has five different stream settings and will make you feel like you are in a much larger and more luxurious shower. The wand is removable from its holder to help you get water to difficult-to-reach spots. Buy it here.
2. New shower curtain
A new shower curtain can really freshen up a space and this one, which comes in four different color combinations, is made for RVs; it includes hooks for hanging, and has been measured specifically for this type of shower so the end does not drag in the water. It will stay closed while keeping in the water, allowing you to bask in the glory of a wonderful shower experience. Buy the curtain here.
3. Additional lighting
The illumination that comes with an RV is not always the best, so many RV owners add additional lighting throughout their vehicles. One place where lighting is very important is the bathroom, and these easily attachable dressing room style lights work well. They are quick and easy to install and do not require any wiring expertise. Buy the light system here.
4. Better toilet
The comfort of a heated toilet seat is unmatched. Although these are most common in high-end hotels, there is no reason you can't have one in an RV. This toilet seat is not specifically made for RVs, but if you have a standard-sized toilet seat in your home on wheels, you can easily install it. In addition to being heated, it also lights up, although this feature can be disabled if a blue light emanating from the toilet seat is not for you. Purchase the heated seat here.
5. Storage bins
Perhaps the most challenging part of RV living is having enough storage. Although you've surely downsized as much as you can, there are still some things you absolutely need to stay human. Storage bins such as this one can be attached to the wall above the toilet and will provide you extra space for hand towels and toiletries while still leaving them visible and easily accessible. Purchase the bins here.
6. Swinging towel rack
Finding enough room to hang used and damp towels in an RV can be challenging, but this type of swinging towel rack will certainly help. Available with two to six arms, it will allow you to hang everything to dry while still leaving each towel independent and accessible. It can be mounted anywhere that works best for you and your family. Buy it here.
7. Drying rack
If you need more room for drying things, perhaps these three towel rack clips will be more of what you need. Simply attach them to your existing towel bar with Velcro, and a rack that previously held one towel will now support six items. If you use all three enclosed pieces, you can hang up to 18 things. It's great for air drying hand-washed items. Buy the racks here.
8. New faucet
A cleaner, newer, shinier faucet will spruce up your RV bathroom more than you might imagine, and this one by Dura Faucet, is a quality faucet at a great price. Its brushed satin nickel finish will stay clean and fresh-looking for years. An aerated stream of water prevents splashing. It's easy to install and instantly upgrades your lavatory. Buy it here.
9. Air freshener
Finally, every bathroom needs clean air, and you and your guests will love this air freshener. The Hamilton Beach TrueAir Plug Mount Odor Eliminator is available with a nightlight or without. Either way, this item not only freshens your air but also purifies it and will keep your bathroom smelling clean. A small and quiet fan pulls in air, neutralizes it and sends it back out through an enclosed carbon filter. Replacement filters are affordable and easy to order. Buy the air freshener here.

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