Step inside this craftsmen style tiny home to see what tiny dreams are made of

Anyone who loves tiny homes knows that they can easily become all-consuming passion projects... and that was definitely the case with this stunning Craftsman tiny home. The builder, Steve, grew up playing with Lincoln logs and LEGO blocks, and although he eventually dropped out of a top architecture program, he never lost his love of building.
After retiring, Steve became interested in the tiny house movement and decided to tackle the project of building a tiny home in his garage. This high-quality tiny home was built with heart and soul, and it's evident in every single part of the home! In keeping with Steve's beliefs and the spirit of the tiny house movement, it encourages placing more value on experiences than on possessions.
The front of the home is cozy and warm, featuring an embossed 3 Panel Craftsman door and a vintage LED Coach light. The light automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn, ensuring you always have an inviting place to come home to no matter what the time of day.
The walls inside the home are made of finished pine shiplap, creating a lovely rustic atmosphere that's further complimented by the color-seasoned wood floors. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare tasty made-from-scratch meals, including a bake/broil oven, a stainless steel refrigerator, and a built-in pantry.
A loft on one end of the home provides a bird's eye view of the kitchen and living room, including the three speed fan at the top of the home. When the fan isn't enough, energy-efficient air conditioning and heating are available as well.
The bedroom at the back of the home has a fold-down bed and plenty of shelving so you can display your favorite photos and knick-knacks.
An old ship ladder has been repurposed into a sliding ladder that leads up to the loft at the top of the home. Extra shelving can be found here as well.
Upstairs, the loft has three small windows and plenty of electrical outlets for lamps and other electronics. The walls and ceiling here are covered with finished pine shiplap as well, making it just as cozy as the rest of the home.
The bathroom boasts a high-efficiency designer toilet, as well as a paned window and a built-in three level shelf for extra storage. The towel hangers are designed to look like faucets, and a 20-gallon electric water heater ensures that hot water is available on demand.
Would you love to live in this stunning tiny home? More information can be found on the home builder's website:

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