Clean lines and trendy come to mind when you step inside this tiny home

Based out of Vancouver Island in Canada, Rewild Homes is a tiny home company that focuses on building gorgeous tiny homes using sustainable, locally sourced materials. Their homes all boast stunning natural touches... and this beautiful home is no exception.
It was custom-designed for a couple in Vancouver, and it features plenty of natural light and unique features like hand-cut wavy shingles above the bright teal front door. The interior is just as lovely as the exterior, so keep scrolling to take a peek inside!
Once you step through the cheery teal door, you'll be greeted by a light, bright home with windows everywhere. Instead of a ladder, the couple chose to have a gorgeous set of wooden stairs leading up to the loft.
With its stunning octagonal window, the upstairs loft might just be the perfect place to fall asleep at night. You can even stargaze through the skylight in the ceiling!
The kitchen is simply but functional, offering custom cabinetry and lots of windows.
The black walnut countertops are the statement piece of the home; they feature a stunning live bark edge that give the home a beautiful, natural feel.
Of course, no tiny home is complete without a good amount of storage! This cupboard under the stairs comes with a barn-door style door. Right next to it is a cat door, which provides access to a hidden litter box.
The bathroom can be found at the back of the home behind a sliding barn door. Instead of a mirror, there's another window over the sink.
In the bathroom, you'll find a composting toilet and a galvanized steel tub. The combination of white tile and dark wood makes for a truly beautiful contrast!

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