These tiny homes made out of cargo containers are definitely a must-see

Based out of Waco, Texas, CargoHome is a family owned business that specializes in transforming cargo containers into beautiful tiny homes. Not only are these homes gorgeous, but they're also easily portable.
Since they built their first home two years ago, the company has grown rapidly, working on big projects for big names such as HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines as well as on their own projects. Keep on reading to check out the gorgeous style that makes their homes so popular.
The company has several different models of home to choose from, but all have their own unique charm. This model boasts a full kitchen with quartz or granite countertops and a dining table that can seat three or four people. The living area is tucked away at the back end of the home.
Other models are tinier. This one still has granite countertops and a fridge, but instead of a full table it has a small breakfast bar along the side.
This is the same model, but from this angle, you can get a better view of the sofa in the back. It slides down into a comfortable queen bed when you're ready to go to sleep at night.
However, not all of the models are so small. One even has an extra loft bedroom with its own private en suite bathroom.
This second-floor bedroom also features sliding glass doors that open out onto a beautiful private deck.
When it comes to the bathrooms, although they look fairly simple at first glance, they are not.
They feature beautiful full-size showers with custom tiling. What's not to love?
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