If you think the back of this tiny home is unique you should see the front and the inside

Small house living, it turns out, is alive and well in the Bavarian Alps, along the border between Germany and Austria. It's represented nobly by this cute, little home on wheels labeled on Instagram as Kleine Heimat Tegernsee, which means small home Tegernsee.
You would be forgiven to think of castles or the Middle Ages (or frothy steins of beer) given the location. The Bavarian Alps, stunning for their raw beauty and strategic place in history, is home to Lake Tegernsee, a photogenic stunner that might be the aesthetic equivalent of Lake Tahoe in Europe.
Frontier beauty in California and Nevada, however, translates to old world elegance in Bavaria, as exemplified by this tiny solar-powered house. Yes, the outside looks pedestrian at a glance, but the inside is a marvel of simple lines that are tasteful in the extreme. Let's have a look:
What looks like a horse trailer from the back looks inviting and quaint from the front. In the photo above, you can see two types of energy at work. First, the solar panels on the roof provide electricity. Second, the chimney tells you there's a wood-burning stove inside to provide heat for long, high-altitude winters.
This is the first sight you encounter walking through the doors -- three portals that invite sunshine in and give the kitchen a unique look.
A second view takes in the cabinet and (here's a Bavarian touch) a recessed wine rack under the stove.
In a tiny house, don't be surprised if you can take in the entire layout with one look. Here you can see the beautiful platform that holds the bed, embraced by the curved front wall of the home.​
A view from the bed shows the elegant wood stove with a glass front that imparts a fireplace ambience. The bathroom is in the back behind a sliding door.
The shower is almost too elegant.
Another snazzy touch is the unique faucet plumbing found above the bathroom sink.
And don't forget the home's location. Most of the elegance, it might be noted, is outside the home.
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