Peek inside this tiny home: It has the coolest feature we've ever seen

Roy and Katherine Merritt of The Painted Home Co. have just built their first tiny home of wheels and boy, are they off to a fabulous start. This debut project is a force to be reckoned with.
It's called the Baby Boomer, and when you see its incredibly smart feature, you'll understand why they call it this. But first let's take a full tour of this tiny home on wheels.
Here's a hallway view of this gorgeous tiny, yet spacious-feeling home. No detail is left behind in this mini mansion. From the hardwood floors all the way up to the plank-style ceilings, this little beauty is a showstopper.
Above the bathroom, an extra loft provides storage or an added sleeping place. The house has a decently sized refrigerator in its kitchen.
The bathroom features a vanity and a corner shower.
A very cool item and an efficient use of space is this sliding pantry that fits next to the refrigerator. Roy designed it himself.
Making the best use of space is key when it comes to a tiny home, and that's exactly what this little gem does.
Rather than take up space and putting in a cooktop stove, Roy and Katherine thought it would be best just to have an induction plate you can easily put out or take away when not in use. It's genius.
Speaking of genius, the bed has got to be the best feature in a tiny home you've ever seen and the reason why this home is called the Baby Boomer. The bed is on a pulley system so when you are not using it you can pull it up and out of the way! When you want to go to sleep, pull it back down and hop on.
When it's in the down position, it fits nicely over the couch and you can still watch television in bed. Cool, right?
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We can't wait to see what Roy and Katherine build next!

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