20+ most impressive tiny homes you'll ever see

Tiny homes are all the rage. They are synonymous with living a smaller, richer life without the stress of dealing with a traditional mortgage or working in the rat race like everyone else. What's more? Despite being under 1,000 square feet, they can be luxurious.
We've put together 20+ of the most impressive tiny homes out there. There's even one that has a jacuzzi tub and another with an elevator bed! You'll have to take a tour for yourself to see how these homes are not just practical but a work of art/sheer engineering genius!
1. Tiny New Orleans cottage featuring a jacuzzi tub
This "doll house" looks small from the outside, but its cleverly-designed interior is packed with luxurious details, including a jacuzzi. Conveniently located a couple blocks from Magazine Street, this quaint and cozy 400-square-foot home provides the perfect balance between the bustle of New Orleans and the privacy of a personal mini-paradise. Owner Lilian writes that the cottage has been likened to a "doll house," and a quick tour proves that description apt. Get the full tour here.
2. Handmade tiny home
Hidden in Olympia, Wash. lies this beautiful, quiet tiny home. Handmade by its owner, Brittany, the little house features many commodities, but it also keeps that rustic and eco-friendly charm. This bungalow is based on the Cypress design from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and is just a short hike away from a private beach. The home is also fully equipped with all the amenities necessary for an unforgettable weekend getaway.
Get the full tour here.
3. 1920s Wildflower cabin
This is a 1920s U.S. Forest Service employee cabin that has been remodeled into a cozy, family home. It sits near private Lake Arrowhead and is nestled among gorgeous knotty pines. The cabin features a private deck outside with wood chairs. "Please enjoy drinks and starters on the deck ... while taking in the nature that surrounds the cabin," say the owners. After a long day of hiking or hanging out at private Arrowhead Lake, it's the perfect adobe to come back home to.
Get the full tour here.
5. Tiny home with oversized kitchen and bathroom
This tiny home—a customized version of the Loft Edition from Tiny Living Ltd.—is stunning from the outside, but the layout is sure to make you swoon. The airy design, ample sunlight, and massive bathroom and kitchen set this trailer apart from the rest. The trailer complies with legal size limits for towing, which allows it to be moved without a permit. You can literally bring the kitchen sink, as well as the rest of your house, with you wherever you want to go. Get the full tour here.
6. Kvale Hytte cottage
The Cottage Company based in the Pacific Northwest is dedicated to "building pocket neighborhood communities of compact homes" that are functional, attractive, and sustainable. The stunning Kvale Hytte Cottage is just one example of how to live large regardless of square footage. The community in which this tiny home was built is one of the most pleasant places to live, earning NAHB Builders Choice Grand & Merit Awards and the AIA 2009 National Housing Award. Get the full tour here.
7. Remodeled cottage
This cute little blue cottage in Atlanta, Georgia, was remodeled by Carl Mattison Design—a company that handles everything from interior design to full renovations. The once-dilapidated interior now features a soothing light color palette, classic finishes, and gorgeous refinished hardwood floors. The layout features an open floor plan that includes the living room, dining space and kitchen. Each room is more beautiful than the next, and it's obvious that every detail was chosen with care.
Get the full tour here.
8. Tiny home with vintage furniture
It's called the Rustic Modern Tiny House, and it's so charming inside and out that it's been featured on the television show "Tiny House Nation." Situated in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Ore., it combines the colonial feel with modern-day amenities rarely seen in homes this size. The beautiful tiny abode is a bed and breakfast run by the builders and owners, Michael Papillo and Jenny Yee. In order to build it, Papillo and Yee remodeled their garage, repurposing wood from an old shed and using salvaged materials from high-end construction sites. Get the full tour here.
9. Tiny home that makes the most of every inch
Matt Wolpe, a strong proponent of the tiny house movement, built the above himself. Wolpe, co-author of "Reinventing the Chicken Coop" and co-owner of Just Fine Design/Build constructed this tiny home by hand and custom-built all the furniture inside. On his blog, Oakland Tiny House, he chronicles every step of this labor of love and offers advice for others trying to join the tiny living movement. Take the tour: tiny home that makes the most of every inch.
Athens Park Homes
10. Athens Park cottage
Despite being around 500 square feet, the above home is large enough to fit a sectional for the entertainment hub and an eat-in kitchen island. Instead of being restricted by its size, the 553 cleverly maximizes the space of the RV and offers impressive and unexpected upgrades. In fact, Model 553 from their line of Athens Park Model RVs features a full sectional sofa, loft, and state-of-the-art kitchen, making it legitimately swoon-worthy rather than simply "nice for its size."
Take the tour: Athens Park cottage.
House & Sanctuary
11. Storybook cottage
This charming little cottage looks to have come straight from the pages of a fairy tale, and is aptly named The Storybook Cottage. Located near Nashville, it sits on eight scenic acres. House & Sanctuary says it's "the perfect place to get away from your fast-paced world to find the things that matter most." The cottage is a cozy 800 square feet that consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom. Staying in this home would truly be a memorable experience thanks to the cathedral ceilings, painted wood floors, and unique décor. Take the tour: Storybook Cottage.
12. 3-story, 400-square-foot Birdhouse
A combination of artificial and natural light and a beautiful light blue bring the entryway to life. Aptly known as The Birdhouse thanks to its unique and picturesque looks, this Asheville, North Carolina property is just a block from downtown. Instead of a tiny house, it qualifies as more of a skinny house; it's actually an expanded garage that was originally built in the 1920s. The outside measurements are just 10 feet wide and 15 feet long.
Take the tour: 3-story Birdhouse.
13. 2-story container home
Created from five shipping containers, Debbie Glassberg's home, constructed with the help of BNIM, is a dreamy, two-story residence that looks nothing like the containers it began life as. With two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a garden, and a patio, the home is obviously on the bigger side, but it's such a luxurious and beautiful space that it truly deserves a tour. Glassberg, an industrial designer who works for Mattel, wanted to create a sustainable, energy-efficient, affordable, and gorgeous home, so using shipping containers was the right idea. Take the tour: 2-story container home.
14. Walden House
This tiny home is filled with such thoughtful details that you won't hesitate to pack your bags and live in the woods. Walden, a celebration of life surrounded by simplicity and nature written by Henry David Thoreau, shares more than its name with this tiny home from Hobbitat Spaces. This 400-square-foot home contains two exterior doors — one that's accessible to the front porch and one that leads to a back patio area — allowing the occupants to easily enjoy the outdoors. As for the interior, this tiny home provides an ideal rustic repose.
Take the tour: Walden House.
15. Award-winning tiny home
Tiny home living and luxury might not seem like words that would normally work together. However, Adam Lehman, a remodeling contractor with more than 15 years of experience, proves that anything is possible. Lehman built the award-winning home featured in the tour. The home was nicknamed "Tiffany" and sold to a buyer who will park her on some property in Florida. With high ceilings and plenty of windows, this home will fit right in with the sunny weather and sandy beaches.
Take the full tour: award-winning tiny home.
Ana White
16. Tiny home with elevator bed
This tiny home designed by woodworking genius Ana White is unlike anything we've ever seen. The home, which is just 24 feet long and 8 1/2 feet wide, feels open and airy thanks to white paint and neutral accents. Its sophisticated mix of modern and country has got us head over heels. And what's really sold us on this tiny home is the pure functionality of it all. White has come up with clever storage tricks for each and every room that are going to blow you away. You might think about using some of these tips in your own regular-size home!
17. Tiny home by Handcrafted Movement
This stunning tiny house, set in the scenic environs of Battle Ground, Washington, was created by Handcrafted Movement, the construction firm begun by builder Matt Impola, who happens to be the executive director of the Artisan Academy, a school for, well, artisans. From most angles, you will see that the house's clean lines, beset with classic overtones, fool the eye into thinking you might be standing in a "McMansion" in the middle of suburbia instead of a diminutive home with a basic footprint measuring 238 square feet – 8.5 feet by 28 feet. Take the tour: tiny home by Handcrafted Movement.
18. Tiny home with outdoor breakfast bar
Ah, that glorious lived-in look! Don't you just love it? And isn't that the basic formula for potential disaster for a tiny house? The idea is to downsize your stockpile of material possessions (a.k.a., stuff), but to then fit all that you need—and not a drop more—into a tiny home on wheels that signifies freedom, mobility, smaller bills, carefree days, and cozy nights. And beauty. There's nothing like a challenge and fitting a modern lifestyle and hardly a deep breath more into a tiny homestead is a classic think-outside-the-box conundrum. The challenge has carpenters around the country flocking to unleash all the diminutive possibilities and builders Joshua and Shelley Engberg, owners of Tiny House Basics, appear to have done just that. Take the tour: tiny home with outdoor breakfast bar.
19. SHED tiny house
To study the "SHED tiny house" as the owners like to call it is to appreciate something called process mixed with something called the spirit of adventure. Both of these dynamics are clearly evident here. The process begins with the opening shots of the documentary that the owners shot of their tiny house construction project. Robert walks up to a mammoth hanging door of a large empty building that will serve as their construction hangar. He tries to open the door and he can barely get it to move. His significant other, Samantha, walks into the frame and give him a hand. Together, they can get one side of the door about a third open. After a few pushes, they stop to rest. That's when you realize that building a tiny house for the first time is a process, a commitment, a journey and a learning curve with almost a supine trajectory. Take the tour: SHED tiny house.
20. Tiny home with a detachable greenhouse
If you love the concept of tiny house living, but would miss the charm and detail of a larger home, the Elsa Tiny House is cottage perfection. Built by Olive Nest Tiny Homes, this tiny home has big-home features that might just convince you to go tiny house. Imagine a real front porch with a swing, a greenhouse for your garden, plus those light, open interiors we all crave. Take the tour: tiny home with a detachable greenhouse.
21. Tiny home with laundry space and luxurious bath
Imagine your dream tiny house. Is it rustic? Chic? Filled with interesting nooks and crannies? All of the above? Then have we got a treat for you. Humble Houses has created what is best described as a tiny living masterpiece: The 12-by-40-foot (3.65-by-12.19-meter) Dreamwood model. Dependent on the chosen finishes, this lovely dwelling is bound to please anyone looking for their ideal abode. Take the tour: tiny home with laundry space and luxurious bath.
22. Shiny Tiny Mansion
Tiny living has swept across the States, and in response, Ron and Sue decided to build a "tiny mansion" in Amish country in Ohio. According to Shiny Tiny Mansion, the couple started building their house in 2001 and took six years to complete it. They built the home by themselves with help from Ron's father and their nephew. Because the roof has such a steep pitch to it, they had some Amish men come out and help them with that. Take the tour: Shiny Tiny Mansion.
23. A beautiful guest house that was once a garage
When Allison Lundeen decided to change the little garage on her property into a guest house, she had a clear vision. She wanted to create a cozy and welcoming retreat for her guests, in her signature cottage style, while pinching pennies along the way. Her vision came to life with the help of the handy skills of her husband and father-in-law. Take the tour: guest house that was once a garage.
24. Flawlessly decorated blue cottage
This little surf cottage is part of the new Oyhut Bay beach resort in Ocean Shores, Washington. This one bedroom plan is the smallest model offered, at just over 700 square feet (65 square meters). Take the tour: flawlessly decorated blue cottage.
25. Spectacular shipping container home
Brenda Kelly of IQ Container Homes in New Zealand is the inspiration behind the company's shipping container homes. According to the company's website, Kelly has loved tiny spaces and innovative designs for those spaces since she was a child. Now she not only designs container homes, but also lives in one that serves as a model for the company. The home below takes a 20-foot (6 meters) container and uses only 107 square feet (10 square meters) of it for living space. Take the tour: spectacular shipping container home.
Keva Tiny House
26. Peek inside 27-year-old's 'enchanting woodland retreat.' The shower won't disappoint you
At first glance, this tiny home's wood exterior may give visitors the impression that it's nothing more than a simple wood house. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. This is 27-year-old yoga instructor Rebecca Grim's tiny home. She lovingly calls it "Keva" that, according to the Huffington Post, it's short for Hindu-related word "Kevala," meaning "peaceful, pure, simple." Get the full tour here.

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