You'll love the 4-burner stove kitchen of this custom-built tiny home

There's nothing more fulfilling than having something to proudly call your own. In fact, part of the reason people are keen to embrace the tiny house movement is the freedom to close in on the finer details and create something exquisite.
Which is why we're always eager to highlight custom-made designs. Take Elise and Clara's 31-foot (9.43-meter) Goose-Neck tiny house on wheels, for example. Built on a Gooseneck trailer, this lovely dwelling is the mastermind of Fort Collins, Colorado-based MitchCraft Tiny Homes.
Want to take a peek at the final product? Then let's go:
The exterior contrasts different wooden finishes and green hues to create a standout aesthetic.
From the back, you can get an idea of how different-sized windows have been incorporated on this wheeled abode. Along with providing some much-needed natural lighting, these windows also add an interesting geometric dimension to the overall design.
A simple, but effective touch - an outside lighting fixture quietly makes a bright appearance by the modern teal-colored door.
As you're about to see, the open-plan interiors maximize the Goose-Neck's space to its fullest potential.
Right at the corner, by the fridge, you'll find a living area, dining room and work station. Shelves keep all clutter at bay, while an artsy decor gives this area a homely feel.
From this angle, you can see how efficiently the couch has been laid against the neighboring kitchen.
Blue cabinetry with rustic grey counters are the winning feature of the fully-furnished kitchen itself.
On the other side, a nifty staircase with multiple drawers leads us into the sleeping loft.
The slanted wooden ceiling ensures there's plenty of head space for the upper-level sleepers.
Back downstairs, where you may have noticed another series of steps and a vibrantly striped curtain. The former , which evidently enhances the home's storage capability, leads to the second bedroom. As for the latter - that is the entryway to the Goose-Neck's bathroom.
A rustic sink and stylish decorative elements give a hint of elegance to the bathroom's vanity.
A full-size shower and composting toilet have been fitted in this compact room. Right by the door too - how's that for efficiency?
Finally, we reach the corner bedroom, where a spacious bed and two bedside tables have been fitted with precision. The carpeted flooring is a nice contrast to the other rooms, giving this area a special personalized touch of its own.
It's evident that MitchCraft Tiny Homes went above and beyond when it comes to creating something unique and functional. A combination of clean and rustic elements definitely make this tiny home a custom-made work of marvel.

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