Tour a dream tiny home with everything you need, including laundry space and a luxurious bath

Imagine your dream tiny house. Is it rustic? Chic? Filled with interesting nooks and crannies? All of the above? Then have we got a treat for you.
Humble Houses has created what is best described as a tiny living masterpiece: The 12-by-40-foot (3.65-by-12.19-meter) Dreamwood model. Dependent on the chosen finishes, this lovely dwelling is bound to please anyone looking for their ideal abode.
Sounds like a treat, right? Come with us for a closer look.
The outside is welcoming and homely. If you look closely, you'll notice the panel behind those entry steps conceal the Dreamwood's wheels away from view.
A dark brown tinge contrasts with the sleek wooden siding and chic outside furniture to create a well-rounded sense of elegance.
As you can probably tell, there's nothing humble about those interiors. An open-plan interior design, with plenty of natural and inner lighting, has been used to create a space that looks ample and fresh.
Rustic wooden walls, antique-inspired decor and modern fittings aptly blend together to create a wonderfully luxurious living space.
The kitchen embraces modernity, with luscious countertops being the winning feature of this area.
Those counters look even more spacious when you catch a glimpse from the other side. Cabinets, a dishwasher and a sink have been fitted with precision.
Further ahead, you can see that space has been maximized to fit a full-size fridge, even more cabinets, as well as a stove and oven. Magnetic knife holders and utensil hangers also add to the kitchen's efficiency.
Walk straight across into the cozy corridor to find a discreet laundry space, plus two doors leading to the bathroom (on the right) and bedroom.
Kindred textured patterns feature on the bathroom basin and shower, giving this room the stylish flair it well and truly deserves.
The bedroom consists of an outside door, ample closet space, and lovely little decorative details that tie everything together.
Modern and elegant on the outside, luxurious and rustic on the inside - what's not to love about the Dreamwood? If you want to snag one of these for yourself, keep your eyes peeled: Two variations on this model, measuring eight-by-24-foot (2.43-by-7.31-meter) and eight-by-28-foot (2.43-by-8.53-meter) are currently in the works. Humble Houses also does custom builds upon request.
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