Dad and family of 5 live in converted school bus. Take a tour inside

Would you ever consider living on a bus? How about with a family of five? Well, young parents Brian and Starla Sullivan are doing just that, and they love it. Keep reading for a full tour of their pad.
Their story starts back in 2014 when the couple was fed up with Brian's three-hour daily commute and paying thousands in rent. After watching countless tiny-home videos, the couple got the idea to do it themselves. So Starla and Brian bought an old school bus and renovated it from top to bottom to turn it into their dream home.
The bus has a spacious kitchen, a living space, a master bedroom and even a bathtub for their young kids. They spared no expense, and in the end, they say it still costs them much less than a typical home or apartment. Take the tour below to see how this young family is living life in their incredibly renovated school bus. You won't want to miss it!
This looks nothing like the bus you used to ride to school! Yet before their massive renovations, that's exactly what this was. Now this space has a big pull-out couch with another across the way, as well as a beautiful open kitchen that's fitted with a stove, oven and even a dishwasher.
Take a look at this cozy couch. We love how it is set up right next to the big windows so you can admire the yard outside. Plus, it's decked out in the prettiest pillows. This is the perfect spot to cozy up with the kids or a good book.
From here you can see how open this space really is. We love the design here too. The butcher-block counters really pop against the country white cabinets and match the light oak walls too. The pops of pattern and color also brighten the space and add a touch of modernity to the otherwise country-classic feel.
Then there's the bathroom. The family got creative here, inserting an old tin drum into the space to work as both a shower and bathtub for their young kids. It's fun, a little shabby-chic and totally useful too. A very creative solution for such a small space!
The family also inserted bunk beds for the kids to use when they are a bit older. The long bus gave them plenty of room to play around, and bunk beds are a great way to take advantage of the long walls and tall ceilings.
Finally, there is the master suite, tucked in the back of the bus, giving the parents their own sanctuary with a door and all. They got creative with this space too, by lifting the bed and putting tons of shelving and storage underneath. There's not a single inch of this home that isn't creatively utilized.
Want to see more of this awesome renovation? Check out the quick video below to see more of the Sullivans' school bus turned home!

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