Marvel at the classic kitchen on this double-decker bus conversion

Get yourself a 1970s double-decker bus, park it by a private paddock on the British countryside, and transform it into an idyllic holiday getaway.
That's the successful formula used in today's conversion, known as the Red Bus. This two-story beauty resides near the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, and every nook and cranny in its construction is worthy of exploring.
A fresh coat of red paint gives the exteriors just the right amount of sleekness. To enhance the converted bus-glamping experience, the property owners installed a patio with a picnic table right outside.
Isn't that gorgeous? The lower level includes the driver's area, this kitchen and one of the three bedrooms.
Along with its country cottage vibes, a fold-out dining table adds a more intimate flair to the kitchen.
Head on up to find the living room. As you've probably noticed, mirrors are a prevailing motif throughout the Red Bus's interiors.
Dark green walls and a classic doorway add a bit of elegance to the top deck.
This spacious bus also comes with its own bathroom. Simple, yet very classic and chic — what's not to love about that?
There are those mirrors again. The decor by the bathroom basin is lighthearted and sweet.
One of the bedrooms has been fitted with a double bed, TV and a clever bookshelf compartment — everything a couple needs for a comfy stay.
For the vacationing family, there are two kids' bedrooms. A playful design gives each room a bit of character of its own.
As you can see, the Red Bus uses every bit of space to its fullest potential. From beautifully crafted interiors to comfortable amenities, this is one countryside accommodation that aims to please converted bus enthusiasts and adventurous visitors.

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