Prepare to be impressed by these 6 tiny homes on wheels

1. Tiny Hall House
To borrow a quote from the Hall family online blog concerning their tiny house, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Those five words, attributed to Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, sum up the feel to the Halls' 160-square-foot abode, which makes its home somewhere in the state of Massachusetts and serves as shelter for a family of three, including Mom, Dad, and an 18-year old son.
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2. Tiny House in Hawaii
If you've been pondering the idea of downsizing to a tiny home, these photos of a luxury tiny home by Tiny Heirloom may topple your decision into the "must-do" column. This stunning home exudes luxury despite its tiny footprint. Built on wheels, this home is cozy and portable!
3. The Mansion
Uncharted Tiny Homes, the builders of this tiny home, called the Mansion, hail from Phoenix, Ariz., which means that they have to work extra hard to design home interiors that can compete with the stunning scenery they have available for exterior photographs.
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4. Stone Cottage
Venture into the mountainous landscapes of Boulder, Colorado, and you will encounter a tiny house building company that has made simplicity their lifelong mantra. The aptly named SimBLISSity Tiny Homes is a family-owned business that strives to create comfortable, customized living spaces that promote a sustainable and active lifestyle.
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5. The Tina-Too
Delve into the depths of Bothell, Washington, to encounter a minimalist tiny living treasure. The Tina-Too has just been completed, and we believe all tiny house enthusiasts will appreciate the workmanship that went into its construction. Built by David Wymer from Tina Tiny Homes, this custom-made wheeled abode is on sale and ready to go.
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6. The Westbury
Out of Longwood, Fla., Cornerstone Tiny Homes, run by Brett and Kim Hiltbrand, have created a high-end, 32-feet gooseneck trailer tiny home they call the Westbury. It features a unique, two-loft layout splashy granite countertops, a 5-foot walk-in tile shower, a washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances and, according to their website, "engineered wood flooring that matches a stained tongue-and-groove ceiling."
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