Come inside a beautiful floating home with a truly spectacular kitchen

What's not to love about seasoned floating home designs? That's especially true when the customizable homes are engineered to weather the local climate and accommodate a variety of styles and materials.
Dan Wittenberg founded International Marine Floatation Systems in the early 1980s. The Lupton is part of a handful of floating homes that this Canadian company has built along the years — and it's the one scheduled for a tour now.
An interesting roof structure compels visitors to take a closer look inside this lakeside cabin.
The deck area delights all guests with its lovely views.
A garden and cozy entertainment area liven up the home's entrance.
Step inside to appreciate the Lupton's classic wood interior finish.
From the flooring to the custom cabinets, every nook and cranny appeals to quintessential cabin conventions.
Modern meets vintage in the kitchen, which features an airy design. Don't you just love that stovetop kettle?
From this view, you get a better feel for the kitchen's stainless steel appliances and glossy countertops. Space abounds for prepping food, baking and cooking meals for guests.
The bathroom carries the same themes and finishes as the open-plan living space. Simple pieces of decor enhance the elegance of this room.
Needless to say, this delightful abode adds a classical touch to marina living. Aesthetically pleasing and adeptly furnished, it only takes a quick glance at the Lupton to feel right at home.

With chic, contemporary, upscale furnishings, this immaculately designed home is visually appealing as well as comfortable, and you can't beat the view and the proximity to the most precious seaside town you've ever seen!
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