Explore a cozy lakeside container cabin with two lovely bedrooms

Created from two shipping containers, this cozy lakeside home has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, living room, and two bedrooms. With elegant touches like pendant lighting, an open concept kitchen, and a custom deck, this home doesn't lack for anything at all. And after the sun goes down, the sunsets are awe-inspiring from the home's floor-to-ceiling windows.
The eat-in kitchen has state of the art appliances, including an oven/range, stainless steel refrigerator, and custom cabinetry. Panoramic front windows provide an awe-inspiring view of the world outside, and the adjacent deck.
Step into the warm, inviting, welcoming living room for some relaxation. Outfitted with shades of cream and brown, the space includes a couch, TV, coffee table, and rustic decorations that feature animals, boats, and other nature-inspired accents.
The living room also includes an electric fireplace to keep the cabin cozy on chilly evenings.
The first bedroom has a cool corrugated steel accent wall. There's room for a double bed, and the room includes a closet as well as a washer and dryer. Check out the custom wooden headboard that adds to the cabin feel of the home.
The second bedroom has two twin-sized loft beds.
The bathroom features a stand-up shower, toilet, and glass basin sink, which adds a chic, modern touch. Overhead cabinets and drawers underneath provide ample storage for toiletries. Brown accents tie in the rugged theme of the home.
The magic really happens after the sun starts to wane, and provides you with an amazing view from the kitchen windows.
This is a good time to grab dinner or drinks and head out onto the spacious deck! Comfortable seating, coffee and end tables, and shady umbrellas make this space a must.
Enjoy the view of the sun setting on the lake from this gorgeous, snug container home.
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