Check out a luxurious 3-story container home with 2 surprise bonus rooms

The Wellington Container House, located in New Zealand, is simply amazing. It can be booked through their own website, but also through AirBnB. Created from three stacked shipping containers, the home includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cinema room, an outside bathhouse, and a deck, among many other features. This luxurious home may look stark from the outside, but inside, it's a wonderland of engineering and creativity.
With the original structure uncompromised, the containers create an almost industrial look and feel that complements the quirky and unique decor. With unparalleled views courtesy of floor-to-ceiling windows, there are multiple accents and details that make this home really stand out. As soon as you walk into the living area, you'll immediately understand why this home is so special! The open floor plan creates a spacious feel, and the centerpiece of this room is a media area complete with records and a turntable.
Built-in wall shelves and LED lights illuminate and highlight the records and make for a really fun display. A geometric rug adds whimsy to the room.
The view to the kitchen, lit up by gorgeous sunshine, is absolutely stunning. Separating the kitchen from the living room is a dining table that seats five, and adds further enjoyment by being placed next to a breezy open window.
The fully modern kitchen offers stainless steel counters and appliances for a chic and contemporary look. The window is simply fabulous, and looks out onto the built in rock waterfall! (yes, a waterfall!)
Take this curly spiral staircase upstairs to check out the bedrooms. Notice the cool clear closet!
The first bedroom, nicknamed "The Penthouse," comes complete with a king-sized bed and bright, white interior.
The room even has its own private balcony! Open the curtains and let the breeze in during the day, and enjoy the view at night!
The second bedroom, nicknamed "Mr. Fox," also has a king-sized bed. The textured wall adds a neat element to the room, and there's a floor-to-ceiling window adding brightness to the room. ​
The third bedroom, nicknamed "The Dominion," has a king-sized bed and an aqua color theme. One wall is corrugated steel, with a small window above the bed. Cozy and cute, this room has a dreamy feel to it.
One of the bathrooms in the home is fully loaded with a shower, toilet, and vanity. Yellow accents mingle with the white and gray interior for a cheerful look.
One of the coolest rooms in the home is the Cinema Room. Watch an HD movie or play video games on this super-sized screen! Giant windows provide a stellar view, but blackout curtains create a theater environment when closed.
Check out this outdoor bathhouse for a really cool bath experience! There's also an outdoor shower.​
The patio is amazing....adjacent to a waterfall, the patio is the perfect place to enjoy dinner al fresco!

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