7 well-arranged floor plans for tiny homes with eating bars in the kitchen

Tiny living can mean sacrificing a few things, but you don't have to give up everything. Everyone has certain home features that they consider to be non-negotiable, and if one of yours is an eating bar then the floor plans in this article are for you!
If you live alone or with one other person, an eating bar can actually save you space. Many of the plans below also include dining rooms, but you can always use that space for something else if an eating bar provides all the room you need to enjoy your meals!
1. One bedroom country home from Floorplans.
Coming in at 829 square feet (77 square meters), this charming country home from Floorplans has a large front porch that gives it plenty of curb appeal. The front door opens into the main living area, behind which are the kitchen and the dining room. The dining room is tucked away in a well-lit nook, and there is a French door right behind it that leads out to the backyard. The bedroom and bathroom are off on the left-hand side of the home.
2. Cozy Craftsman from Houseplans.
At 999 square feet (93 square feet), this lovely Craftsman from Houseplans is relatively spacious. Several stairs lead up to the front porch, where the front door opens directly into the home's great room. There is a cozy fireplace on the right-hand side, and a door on the left opens into the master suite. Here you will find a bathroom with a shower as well as a sizable walk-in closet. The kitchen and laundry room are behind this master bedroom, and a second bedroom with a bathroom is directly to the right of the kitchen. A single garage at the back rounds out the design.
3. Charming colonial house from Family Home Plans.
This charming design from Family Home Plans comes in at 576 square feet (54 square meters), and it features vaulted ceilings in the bedroom and the main living area. The front door opens into a small entryway, and the bathroom is just around the corner. Double doors to the right of the bathroom open into the home's master bedroom. The main living area is at the back of the home; it features a fireplace, built-in plant shelves, and two skylights. A back patio can be accessed through a door in the kitchen.
4. Dramatic contemporary design from Floorplans.
Coming in at 900 square feet (84 square meters), this contemporary design from Floorplans has plenty of curb appeal. A small tiled foyer with a coat closet greets anyone who enters the home, and from here both of the home's bedrooms are easily accessible. The larger master bedroom is off to the right, and a smaller bedroom is on the left. Continuing straight ahead, you will pass by the bathroom on the way to the open concept main living area.
5. Cottage with sleeping loft from Houseplans.
This adorable little cottage from Houseplans comes in at 796 square feet (74 square meters). Once inside the front door, there is a small mudroom with a closet off to the left. There is a bathroom with a tub right behind the closet, and a U-shaped kitchen is directly opposite it on the right. A large great room with a vaulted ceiling is at the back of the home, and it has sliding glass doors that open onto a back deck. A flight of stairs leads up to the sleeping loft, which boasts vaulted ceilings and overlooks the great room below.
6. Vacation-style home with window wall from Floorplans
Coming in at 864 square feet (80 square meters), this design from Floorplans boasts a large front deck as well as a smaller porch at the back. The great room is the central hub of the home, and the kitchen and dining room are on the right side of the home. There is a laundry/utility room behind the kitchen, and the bathroom can be found in the back left corner of the great room. The two bedrooms are off to the left; each one has a good-sized closet. Large windows flood the first bedroom, the great room, and the dining room with plenty of natural light.
7. Tiny Tudor cottage from Houseplans.
This cozy little cottage from Houseplans looks like something out of a fairytale, and it comes in at 775 square feet (72 square meters). The front door opens into a small foyer, and the main open concept living area is off to the right. A large fireplace dominates the great room, while the kitchen is at the back of the home. A good-sized terrace with a gas grill can be accessed through a door on the right side of the kitchen. Back at the foyer, a small hallway leads off to the two bedrooms and the bathroom that are on the left side of the home.

Tiny living can be a bit of a challenge for families, but it's well worth doing if you can manage it. All of these homes have at least two bedrooms, so there's plenty of room for the entire family!
July 19   ·  
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