Make sure to check out the kitchen on this remarkable bus that houses 8 people

Who says a school bus can't accommodate a large family?
Since late 2015, Hayden and Colleen LeRoy, their six boys and two dogs have been living and traveling in a converted bus. The family's Gray Goose Voyage has taken them from Washington to Texas, where Hayden and Colleen began managing a vineyard.
Cramming so many people into a tiny living space is impressive enough - but wait until you get a load of this bus's remarkable amenities.
(All the photos, by the way, were taken by Colleen).
We already begin on a high note. How cool is that lighting effect produced by the Gray Goose Voyage's curtains?
Here's a daylight view of the school bus, after it was given a slick coating of gray and white paint... just like a goose, get it?

Lookin' good in the hood. 🚌💨 . . #skoolie #skoolieconversion #busconversion #homeiswhereyouparkit #graygooseatthevineyard

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Such a lovely custom-made door, right? The potted plants are a nice touch too.
Now we get to the interiors. Take a close look at your surroundings: there are quite a few nooks and crannies worthy of note.
Obviously, with so many people around, this tiny home calls for a fair amount of storage efficiency. A nifty compartment under the couch shows that Hayden and Colleen did justice to their demands.
Well, they do say that home is where the heart is. Mason jars sustain the kitchen's domestic flavors.
A unique backsplash adds just the right amount of elegance to the Gray Goose Voyage's kitchen.
Hayden and Colleen shared an updated photo of the kitchen. Living on a converted bus sometimes requires "adapting things to make things work."
Colleen Leroy 

Our little tiny bathroom. 🚽 . . . #thegraygoosevoyage #skoolieconversion #busconversion #buslife #homeiswhereyouparkit

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As with the everything else in this family dwelling, the cozy bathroom is packed with storage gems.
Just look up and you'll hit the jackpot! Pretty creative, huh?
If you've been asking yourself "how do you get six kids to sleep on a converted bus?", here's your answer.
As for mom and dad? They have their own private sleeping space.
Again, both bedrooms come with the right amount of efficiency.
So, what do you think? It's not a easy task to fit eight people and two dogs onto a converted bus, but this family know how to get things done creatively.
If you want to see more pictures of this conversion, check out the Gray Goose Voyage's Facebook.

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