Come inside an extremely chic container with great features in every single room

Think that a shipping container can't feel luxurious, chic, modern, and spacious? Think again! Design company Honomobo creates comfortable and affordable shipping container homes and ships them all over the United States. One of Honomobo's container homes's perks is that they're all solar ready and can be upgraded to net positive.
This particular home, model HO2, offers 352 square feet of living space, which includes a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Equipped with energy-efficient insulation, heat, air, and water, the home offers everything a larger, more traditional home does; just in a smaller size.
This beautiful home may be little, but it doesn't skimp on functionality or beauty. Good things really do come in small packages! You'll notice floor to ceiling windows in the front of the home, where you have a great view of the outside from the living area and kitchen.
There's plenty of seating space, along with a small desk/dining area in the corner. There's a coffee table, media center with TV, and a cool cow print rug that ties the black and white elements of the room together. The kitchen features glossy white cabinetry, a stainless steel refrigerator, a sink, and a small glass cooktop.
There's just enough counter space to prepare meals comfortably!
The roomy bathroom offers a fresh, white, crisp interior, along with a shower/bathtub, vanity, sink, and toilet.
The porcelain basin sink is absolutely beautiful, and there's a closet on the other side of the toilet to hold clothing, towels, or other necessities. There are storage drawers under the vanity.
The open floor plan gives way to the roomy bedroom, where there's plenty of space for a bed, along with a side table and storage shelves and space for clothing.
The wooden floor adds even more charm to this small but lovable space! Clothing hooks on the walls are space saving solutions, and small accents like a braided rug and ottoman add texture and visual appeal to the space and make it even homier.
The bedroom is so cozy! A fluffy rug right next to the bed makes it even more engaging.
Check out how beautiful the home is from the outside! The windows are really amazing and let in so much gorgeous sunshine!

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