Cozy up to a cabin-like tiny home with a beautiful natural wood interior

PAD is a collective of tiny house enthusiasts that includes Dee Williams, one of the small-home community's most visible spokespersons. Williams, according to The New York Times, was given a startling diagnosis at age 40 (cardiomyopathy) that hit her with a bolt of "what next." She then sold her three-bedroom home and built her own 84-square feet house on wheels that came with the mandate of jettisoning most of her worldly possessions and figuring out life from an introspective perspective. She then wrote "The Big Tiny," which gave her practically guru status among the tiny home faithful.
PAD is the Portland Alternative Dwellings, and photos on their website show Williams, healthy and wise, sitting on the porch of her tiny house expounding on her life changes to small crowds of listeners, who are perched on the lawn. About 20 million unique visitors have toured her house on line, the PAD website explains. And while the home is the very essence of bare necessities, the morality tale is as simple as its design: To live a full life, you need experiences, not stuff. So what good is a big home if it keeps you from simply walking outdoors?
Here's the home that has been viewed by millions and inspired legions.
The photo above gives you some perspective. The home is very simple and very small. It has no running water, a kitchen with no refrigerator and practically no appliances -- only solar power lights and a compost-style toilet.
Here's the kitchen in the so-called Kozy Kabin. It has no oven, but it does have a propane counter-top stove with one burner. The ceramic water jug is the kitchen's water source. The recessed ceramic bowl is the sink.
This close up shows you the extended shelf that serves as a dining table. It can fold down to get out of the way.
This is the entire bathroom: Simple but efficient.
Even someone with very few possessions needs a closet. Well, needs is a strong word. Appreciates. That works better.
This is austere living. Note the one light fixture and the splendid skylight. Feel free to call them luxuries.
Here's the reverse view of the downstairs, showing the so-called "great room" behind the ladder. Does this redefine luxury or does it seem like a terrible confinement? In the world of tiny houses, one man's cabin is another man's castle. It all depends on your point of view.
You can follow Williams on a tour of her tiny home in Kirsten Dirksen's video below:
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