Take a look inside an original houseboat with a really nice open kitchen

Docked on the Columbia River, this adorable, tugboat-style floating home offers a unique and picturesque layout. Made up of three stories, the home features a living and dining area on the bottom floor with a roomy deck, a bedroom and bathroom on the middle floor, and a cute wheelhouse on the very top with an amazing view of the ocean.
With one bedroom and one bathroom, the small but spacious home also includes a sectional sofa and fold-out bed in the wheelhouse, making room for additional guests if necessary. The multiple decks are a real treat, and you will likely spend most of your time here outside, soaking up the sea-scented breeze and enjoying the native wildlife such as seals, geese and sea lions!
Check out the bottom floor as you enter the home, and notice the gorgeous dark wood cabinets and counters in the kitchen along with an adjacent dining room with an elegant glass top.
Down the kitchen hallway, note a pair of doors that lead outside as well as a small mudroom. There's also a concealed washer and dryer.
The living spaces and bedroom have gorgeous bamboo flooring, but the kitchen and bathroom have heated tile floors -- no more cold floors when you wake up in the morning! The living room has oversized glass doors that lead out to the deck and a generous sectional sofa and ottoman for comfortable relaxing.
Leave the living room and check out the bottom floor deck.
The deck has a cooking and dining area complete with a grill and plenty of cooking supplies. Enjoy the view as you dine and drink.
Head up the wooden staircase to the master bedroom, located in a cozy, window-lined nook.
With a 360-degree view of the ocean, this sunlit bedroom is truly something special. Walk outside to enjoy your morning coffee on the deck, or gaze at the sunset each night before bed! Airy, private and quiet, this bedroom is so dreamy!
The bathroom offers a toilet, shower and vanity/sink area.
On the very top of the tugboat you'll find the wheelhouse -- a small, fun little space that allows you to check out the area around you in comfort.
Enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean from this cute little foldout couch, located inside the wheelhouse at the top of the home. The wheelhouse features bamboo floors, and there's a large deck just outside.
Here's the home from the front. The triple decks and wheelhouse really make it stand out from the others! ​
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