Cozy up to the welcoming fireplace of a delightful 2-bedroom container home

What better way to showcase your container home designs than building one and shipping it to the farthest possible location?
Loki Box Design were the ones to engineer such a daring feat. These guys decided to go all out for the model that would introduce us to their new sister company, Loki Homes. Their inaugural modular residence took six months to complete and was officially launched in May 2016.
Loki Box Design is already well-established in the container building business - the off-grid house we're about to explore is merely an extension of their skill set:
Today's tour takes us to a snowy home with a laminate facade and a generous amount of sliding doors and windows.
Look closely, though: this house is actually propped up by a wooden foundation that doubles up as a deck.
Interestingly, this elevated design nicely accommodates your daily firewood demands.
The interiors subtly remind us of the metallic structure that surrounds this home, while preserving its off-grid cabin aesthetics.
If you're feeling a bit nippy, take a short break to warm up by the fireplace.
A rustic living area with a huntsman flair appeases the modern mountainside dwellers in all of us.
This house brings us two bedrooms, both of which have their own contemporary character.
Each are consistent in their design, relying on subtle details like crocheted cushions to make their personalities shine.
Want to see the rest of this cozy abode? Then check out Loki Box Design's video tour below:
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