Escape from the daily grind to a bright cottage with the loveliest sunroom

Quaint Cottages offers a variety of small vacation rentals in Saugatuck, Michigan. Saugatuck is a popular tourist destination known for its art galleries, independent shops, and scenic beaches. This particular cottage, named The Oriole, is only 400 square feet (37 square meters) and full of charm.
The studio style layout includes a bedroom area with a Queen sized bed, a cute little kitchenette, a bathroom, and a beautiful sunroom for relaxing the afternoon away. The design is simple and cozy, with an earthy color palette. Check out the whole space below!
The studio style cottage may be small, but it has everything you would need for a comfortable weekend. The space doesn't feel cramped thanks to the vaulted ceiling. The exposed beams add architectural interest.
The earth tones used in the decor tie nicely into the surrounding nature outside. The yellow floral headboard pops against the dark wall paint.​
The kitchenette is tiny yet functional. A well-placed window lets in gorgeous light and provides stunning views of the woods.​
The cheerful yellow walls are carried into the bathroom for a cohesive look. A pocket door, rather than a swinging door, is a great space saver when square footage is limited.​
The sun room is the star of the show. Bright red walls match the exterior. Beautiful views, bright sunshine, and comfortable furniture make this the best room in the house.
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