Come inside a very welcoming tiny house full of creative storage solutions

If there was a gravitational center to the tiny house movement, it might be somewhere in the vicinity of ecologically-conscious Portland, Ore.
Having said this, it was time to do a fact check and, indeed, Travel+Leisure's survey lists Portland as the "Greenest City in America." NerdWallet says it is No. 17. WalletHub says it is No. 8 and Tentree says it is No. 5 in the world -- after Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Berlin.
Of course, tiny homes are not always a measure of ecological awareness, but the reverse is true: Ecological awareness now includes the possibility of living off-grid, debt free and beyond the confines of a lifestyle dedicated to an unchecked accumulation of stuff.
This brings us to Shelter Wise, a Portland company run by designer, builder Derin Williams and business manager Andra Williams, and their tiny house creation called Hikari Box-- Japanese for "light filled." Let's take a look and be dazzled together.
The Hikari Box plans, by the way, as well as many other tiny home designs by Shelter Wise, are available at Pad Tiny Houses.
First, we encounter a counter. This serves as a dining nook, desk, work space or a place to idle down with a cup of coffee.
If you're sitting at the counter, you can turn around to see this kitchenette with the very serious-looking cooking stove.
Swivel in the other direction and you'll be facing this Feng Shui living room, which includes one of the fourteen windows in this 286-square feet tiny house (including a 79-square feet sleeping loft and a 23-square feet storage loft).
These stairs will get you to a sleeping loft big enough for queen-sized bed.
No tiny house, ecologically certified or otherwise, is complete without a hidden storage unit.
The bed is nice; the windows are nice; the skylight is terrific.
Here's a view of the sleeping loft -- a shot taken from the storage loft, which happens to be large enough to serve as a guest sleeping loft.
These are handy.​
And this is essential.
Including the door, there are 11 windows visible from this angle. You can also see why the Hikari Box feels so spacious inside.

This unique layout includes a foyer crowded with storage units, but it has two lofts that make up the difference.
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