Take a look at the nifty additions to the kitchen of a very cleverly designed converted bus

Annie and Zack just weren't happy with the daily grind. They wanted more freedom to do the things that they love - including travel - in their own terms.
So they did. All it took was a change of jobs and a bus conversion. A 2001 Thomas HDX school bus was transformed into Stormy, the Arkansas-native couple's newest wheeled companion, and off they went on their highly anticipated journey.
Now they couple has finished polishing up and making their bus road-ready, we're going to pay a quick visit to this gleeful abode.
The pearly exteriors amaze us with a generous splash of solar paneling.

Dog meets bus 😁

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Ah, yes - we can't really talk about this traveling troupe without introducing you to their dog, Lola. The one-year-old pup is always present in this converted bus's endeavors.
By the way, did you notice the custom-made logo on the side? These self-proclaimed Natural State Nomads sure know how to make a lasting impression!
Anyone else thinks of a jewelry box when looking at the open-plan interiors? This area enchants us with an elegant blend of rich wooden elements and lustrous furnishings.

Annie finished painting our cubbies and uprights today, it looks awesome! Can't wait to see epic views out those windows.

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Work and pleasure delightfully come together in this productive spot.

We just hit 1,000 subscribers! You guys are all awesome! 😉

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Another view of the cozy living area, and its witty decor. Since we don't fancy ourselves as hippies, we won't be using the side door just yet.
A quick peek ahead shows us the bedroom is neatly tucked away on the other side.

Cooking up some school bus chicken parmesan, everything tastes better cooked in a school bus!

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There's always room for a hearty meal in this converted bus's kitchen. Along with a full-size stove, this area is packed with incredible additions.

The sink tucks away nicely when we don't need it, or when were needing to have a bit of extra counter top space.

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See what we mean? Zack and Annie really thought of everything!
Let's not forget the fridge. Yes, you read that correctly - this nifty little compartment is actually the Stormy bus's refrigerator. Pretty neat, huh?
Now, this is quite interesting. You might be tricked into thinking we're looking at a pantry, but this storage-savvy door actually takes us to the bathroom.
The compact bathroom cleverly comprises a composting toilet and a tub. Efficient and complete - what more could anyone even ask for?
All in all, you gotta love a recent bus conversion. Everything is fresh and tidily composed, foreshadowing a lifetime's worth of adventures.

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