Expect to be wowed by the wonderful bathroom that fits in this unique tiny house

From the Quebec City region of Canada comes this handsome tiny house built by a company known as Minimaliste Houses, which is hardly straining for a translation, although their website is published in French and English and they can also be easily found on Facebook and Instagram.
This home with the 10 feet wide glass patio door is a beauty. At 34 feet long and 10 feet wide and with a bedroom loft built in, the home called Le Chene is also disconcertingly large for a house on wheels, totaling 420 square feet, according to the company.
An appealing array of smart, crisp photographs also helped make this classy tiny home appear even larger. Let's take a look, but be forewarned: Le Chene is a stunner inside and out.
This shot from the bedroom loft sets up the tour nicely. You can see the stairs on the left-hand side of this shot (notice the banister). The kitchen has lots of floor space, cabinet space, and windows. What you can't see is that the heating in this tiny home is through the floor with a wood stove for backup. This means heat is distributed equally throughout the home. La Chene "has the most complex heating system, radiant flooring, and its water is off the grid, even with a bathtub, with a very big 250-gallon integrated drinking water tank," Minimaliste Houses told us.
They've also made sure that there's no risk of frozen pipes even at -40 degrees.
A coffee pot and a toaster and there's still plenty of counter space left for preparing meals. Comparing this photo with the one above tells the story of the table at the end of the kitchen. It folds up out of the way when not in use.
Here's the reverse view. This shot is taken from the living room area. Note the size of that wood stove -- wow.
The stairs contain storage compartments right down to the floor. The bathroom, visible in this photo, includes a sliding "barn door," says the company website.
The design choice to leave the tub plumbing outside adds a handsome, unique touch to the bathroom.
It's beginning to look like the company name Minimaliste might be changed to "Extravagant." For a tiny house, a bathroom large enough for a throw rug, let alone a vanity, is a rare treat.
You can never have too many shots of a bathroom -- any argument there?​
Above the bathroom, under a slanted roof, is this sleeping loft.
Last but not least, the living room, which is converted here into a spare bedroom.
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