7 tiny floor plans for adorably rustic cabins

Is there anything not to love about a cozy little cabin tucked away in the middle of the woods? We don't think so - that's why we've rounded up a collection of some of the best floor plans for rustic but cozy tiny cabins.
If you love wood-burning fireplaces, welcoming porches, and the look of natural wood, then this is the style of home for you. Check out the plans below, and head over to the comment section on Facebook to let us know which is your favorite!
1. Two-bedroom home with wood stove from ePlans.
This two bedroom home from ePlans measures 839 square feet (78 square meters), and includes a deck on the right-hand side instead of at the front. Here, sliding glass doors open into the living room, which includes a charming wood stove. The home can also be entered through the front door, which leads into a small foyer with a closet. An eat-in kitchen is found at the back of the home, and both bedrooms and a bathroom are on the left-hand side.
2. A-frame log home from Houseplans.
With several large windows at the front, this 950 square foot (88 square meters) log cabin from Houseplans would be ideal for a lot with a view. The great room is the first thing you see when you enter the home; the large fireplace on the right would be impossible to miss. Directly behind this is an L-shaped kitchen, which includes a dining nook illuminated by a large window. The bedroom is in the front left corner of the home, and a bathroom with a tub is across the hall in the back left corner. The loft upstairs includes a built-in desk and a fairly large closet and would be a great home office or second bedroom.
3. Two- bedroom home with central fireplace from Family Home Plans.
Despite being only 691 square feet (64 square meters), this design from Family Home Plans manages to squeeze in two bedrooms. The front door is located under the screened porch, and it opens right into the main living area. The open concept space is divided into three areas: a living room area at the front, a dining room in the middle, and an L-shaped kitchen at the back. A large fireplace sits against the wall in the middle of the room, and the two bedrooms are off to the left. The bathroom is located at the back of the home between the kitchen and the second bedroom.
4. Contemporary two story cabin from ePlans.
This one bedroom floor plan from ePlans measures 904 square feet (84 square meters) spread out over two floors. The bulk of the first floor is taken up by an open concept living area, which includes a kitchen set-up along the back wall. A short hallway off the kitchen leads to a storage space and the bathroom; the back deck can be accessed from this hallway as well. The bedroom upstairs has plenty of closet space, and it overlooks the living room below.
5. Simple studio design from Houseplans.
Coming in at 640 square feet (59 square meters), this studio design from Houseplans would be a perfect bachelor pad. A door on the right-hand side of the large front deck opens into the kitchen, and sliding glass doors on the left lead into the main living space. A bathroom with a shower is located in the back right corner of the home, and it boasts the unique inclusion of a sauna.
6. Log home with vaulted ceilings from Floorplans.
This log home from Floorplans measures 910 square feet (85 square meters), making it one of the most spacious homes in this collection. A porch runs along the entire front of the home, and a door on the right opens into the open concept living and dining room. Special touches in this area include vaulted ceilings and a cozy fireplace. The U-shaped kitchen is off to the left, and the bathroom is directly beside it. A bedroom is found in the front left corner, and the loft area upstairs can be used as a second bedroom, a home office, or a storage room.
7. Tiny Craftsman home from Houseplans.
At only 112 square feet (10 square meters), this design from Houseplans is only for those who are seriously committed to tiny living. A door on the front porch opens directly into the kitchen. The bathroom is off to the right, and the great room can be accessed by walking straight through the kitchen. A ladder leads up to the bed, which overlooks the great room and is kept from feeling claustrophobic by a skylight.

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