6 charming floor plans for tiny one-bedroom cottages

If you want to downsize your life, a tiny cottage is one of the best ways to go! It doesn't matter if you prefer the beach, the forest, or the country - cottages look equally at home in all of them.
These cottage floor plans are extra-cozy; they only have one bedroom and would be perfectly suited for a single person or perhaps a couple. We couldn't blame you for falling in love with every single one of them!
1. Compact design with L-shaped kitchen from ePlans.
This rustic-looking home from ePlans measures 528 square feet (49 square meters) and the interior is more luxurious than you might expect. The kitchen is off to the right of the front door, and it includes plenty of storage space thanks to built-in overhead cabinets. The fairly spacious living room is off to the left, and a bathroom with a tempered glass shower can be found right behind it. There is a linen closet right next to the bathroom, and the bedroom in the back right corner completes the design.
2. Charming beach home from Houseplans.
At 320 square feet (30 square meters), this floor plan from Houseplans would be either a perfect beach getaway or an excellent everyday home. Steps lead up to the small front porch, where the door opens right into the open concept living room and eat-in kitchen. The sleeping area is located just behind the kitchen, and the bathroom is in the back left corner.
3. Cottage with large covered front porch from Family Home Plans.
This cottage from Family Home Plans comes in at 598 square feet (56 square meters). The door under the large front porch leads into the living room, and a U-shaped kitchen and dining room are found off to the right. A small hallway behind the kitchen leads to the bedroom and a bathroom with a tub. There is also a mudroom in this area, which includes laundry machines and can be used to access the backyard.
4. Cozy mountain home from Architectural Designs.
This tiny home from Architectural Designs measures only 324 square feet (30 square meters), but it also includes a single garage and a large deck on the left-hand side. Inside, the front portion of the home consists of an open room with an L-shaped kitchen area in the back left corner. The rest of the space functions as a living and dining room. The bedroom is at the back of the home, and it leads to a bathroom with a shower on the right.
5. Craftsman design with columned front entry from ePlans.
This design from ePlans comes in at 697 square feet (65 square meters) and boasts a lovely columned front entry. A coat closet is found right inside the front door, and the large family room is off to the left. The kitchen is at the back of the home, and it has a back door leading out to the backyard or an optional patio. The master suite is accessed through the kitchen, and it includes a walk-in closet that you must pass by to access the en-suite bathroom.
6. Picturesque open concept home from Architectural Designs.
This 640 square foot (59 square meters) home from Architectural Designs has an undeniably eye-catching exterior, but the interior is wonderful as well! Double doors open into the right-hand side of the open concept living area where the great room is found; a cozy fireplace is right to the left of the door. Off to the left are the dining room and kitchen with an eating bar. The master suite takes up the back portion of the house, and it has a shower and a bathroom with a tub. The covered back porch can be accessed from here as well.

Tiny living can be a bit of a challenge for families, but it's well worth doing if you can manage it. All of these homes have at least two bedrooms, so there's plenty of room for the entire family!
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