Embrace the serene vibes in this floating home's luxurious living area

Today's houseboat voyage will take us along the Canadian harbor. This is where we'll encounter the Serenity floating home, which peacefully resides in a houseboat community in Toronto's Bluffers Park Marina.
Spanning an area of 1300 square feet (120.8 square meters), the Serenity's sales listing boasts that no expense was spared in this custom-made construction. Intrigued? Then join us a for quick peek while this 3-bedroom houseboat patiently awaits to be swept away by a new owner.
Majestic, isn't it? Two stories and a spacious deck engulf us with a beaming sense of modernity.
If the Serenity's next door neighbor looks familiar, it's because we explored it previously. In fact, this entire marina is renowned for its large selection of creative homes, even making a special appearance on local media outlets.
Come and soothe your soul in a stunning upper deck that has been greatly endowed with stylish furnishings and picturesque views.
Alternatively, you can embrace the laid-back ambiance of the gleaming, naturally-lit, living room.
This home's pristine beauty prevails as we inch closer towards the dining room and kitchen. Glass tables and stainless steel appliances add an extra sparkle to this sheer open-plan area.
A demure staircase entices us to delve into this floating abode's inner upper levels.
Contemporary art brings a dash of color to the polished upstairs hallway.
For your entertainment, the Serenity comes with its own games room. Foosball, anyone?
The seafaring aficionados among us will marvel at the telescopic views in this stunningly angelic bedroom.
Elegant tiling brings a five-star feel to this sleek bathroom. Quite breath-taking, don't you think?
You can't go wrong with a houseboat that lives up to its name. Serenity is a given in this floating home: soothing tones and charming fittings ensure that anyone who visits is bestowed with a feeling of relaxation and ease.
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