Tour a tiny cottage-like floating home with us and don't miss its woodwork

Come navigate the Canadian waters with us. Our destination is Vancouver Island's Maple Bay Marina, known to be one of the largest in the British Columbia province. The marina is home to houseboats of all shapes and sizes, bringing a piece of the waterfront lifestyle to visitors and permanent dwellers alike.
You can actually rent a few floating homes moored here - the Sea Shanty being one of them. This lovely 700-square-foot (65.03-meter) house is definitely worth looking around. We're hoisting our sails right here - won't you join us along?
A precious cabin awaits. Teal colors royally line its wooden siding, and the roof compels us to marvel at this floating home's classic cottage-like aesthetics.
There's nothing more refreshing than a view of the marina from your own private deck. Especially when you're able to glimpse at it through polished wooden doors.
A bird's eye view meekly introduces us to the cozy and efficient kitchen.
Don't let its size fool you, though: the kitchen is well-equipped with a fridge, stove, toaster oven, microwave and a coffee maker.
Speaking of tiny details, did you notice the sailboat painting on the shelf? Brace yourself: that's going to be a theme sustained in every single part of this home.
Take the dinette, for example. A splash of ornamental elegance ensures this area appeals to its traditional nautical roots.
And because decorative consistency is something the Sea Shanty takes seriously, a flower vase akin to the one on the dining table can be found in the living room.
In saying that, the standout feature in this area has got to be the stained glass window. Don't you agree?
The couch definitely gives us something to feast our eyes on - but do take some time to appreciate the smaller decorative adornments surrounding it too.
As our eyes meet another marine-inspired masterpiece, we inch closer to the Sea Shanty's upstairs loft. On our way, we will encounter the bathroom strategically tucked away by the staircase.
There are two bedrooms in this floating home. One comes with a queen-size bed, the other is fitted with a double bed. Either way, simplicity will lull you into a sense of serenity as you nestle into a peaceful slumber.
The Sea Shanty nicely introduces its temporary dwellers to life by the Canadian waters. Nautical motifs and compact amenities allow anyone who visits this humble abode to embrace some of the finest details that come with the seafaring experience - and they can do so without ever needing to stray into the open oceans.

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