Explore an artistic container home with a cozy living area

When an art historian and an architectural firm come together, remarkable concepts abound. That is very much the case for GriD Architects' container home from Berkeley, West Virginia. Befittingly dubbed the Ridge House, this modern take on a quintessential cabin in the woods is an ode to its owner's creative affinities.
As you are about to see, that means this dwelling's composition brings together the natural, artistic and modernly refined.
Nestled in the forested hills, this 1200-square-foot (112-square-meter) home delightfully greets visitors with a sleek combination of wooden and metal textures along its siding.
To create the illusion of an overlapping structure, two folded metal seams were placed parallel to each other. This unique shape was inspired by the fluted rocks surrounding the Ridge House –a renowned staple in the area where it resides.
As you walk along the stone pathway and settle yourself in the cozy outside chairs, you are invited to immerse yourself in the marvelous views of the neighboring Potomac River.
Vintage is the word for the elements lining the living area. The furnishings gently harmonize with generous glass windows to provide some of the best views of the house.
Rustic elements prevail with a log burner and dining table that dutifully abide by the classics. A subtle hint of quirkiness is emitted through this area's delicate sculptures.
A fine contrast is evident in the open-plan kitchen, which has a penchant for contemporary design. A pop of green brings a bit of character to this stylish corner.
An artist's hub needs to be well-equipped to produce a lifetime's worth of masterpieces, so it's only natural that this home's studio is a work of art in its own right.
The Ridge House offers just the right dose of the best elements, from the natural to the rustic and everything else in between. Indeed, it is a container home truly fit for the nature-bound and artistically inclined.
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