See how a family of 5 turned a bus into a most welcoming home with a lovely kitchen

The Jamesons decided they were ready to go off-grid and live in a converted school bus in order to lead a more planet-friendly and adventurous life. Their beautiful home, nicknamed the Blue Ridge Mountain Bus, is fully equipped with everything the family needs, including a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and plenty of living space. Powered by solar panels, the home is also eco-friendly and inexpensive to maintain. The family parks their home on a homestead in North Carolina and helps other families make their bus conversion dreams come true by helping build bus homes for others.
The outside of the bus alone makes you smile, and the gorgeous greenery, shabby chic table and chairs, and colorful artwork surrounding the home is so pretty, you can't wait to get inside to see what the interior looks like! The Jamesons have put thought into every inch of their bus, and it shows from the minute you step on and see this beautifully embellished iron piece along the stairs.
The living area of the bus is a cozy retreat! The ceiling mounted TV is easy to watch, and two custom sofas (that are actually beds for two of the couple's children and also double as closets and storage) are filled with comfortable pillows and blankets.
Custom hardwood flooring adds just the right look to the home and gives it that lived-in look, while overhead wooden shelves provide storage space and decor options. A pendant lamp creates visually appealing lighting, while banners and chalkboards lend a rustic, cute touch to the bus. Notice the globe above the window!
The kitchen is easily the jewel of this home. The Jamesons designed and created the space together, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Built-in shelves and cabinets provide storage, and the kitchen features a full-sized refrigerator, sink, stove/range, and wooden countertops.
Unfinished wooden shelves are a striking addition to the space and the light green color of the space pairs well with the contrast of the wood. It's easy to see why the couple is so proud of this part of the bus!
Wood paneled walls lead you down the hallway to the rest of the bus, which houses a small, special bedroom for the couple's son, who has Cerebral Palsy, as well as a small bathroom (handicap friendly) with a stand-up shower and a planet-friendly composting toilet.
The Jamesons' bed is raised up on a platform in order to accommodate the bus's rear engine. The couple got creative and decided to install the dresser underneath the bed to save space! Gorgeous, green, custom-built drawers house clothing and the cozy bed offers a glimpse of scenery outside an adjacent window.
Imagine unwinding at the end of a long day on this beautifully built patio! String lights add a festive touch, and there is plenty of space for dining al fresco or simply relaxing and watching kids at play!
The Jamesons' family friend and neighbor Beryl, of Wild Roots Homestead, made a beautiful video of the family's home. Take the tour for yourself below!
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